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2019_01 01 c&l w daisey

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Our dear little Daisey is ten years old today. She is such a joy!

PRIME TIME: President Trump delivered a prime-time address on the “national security crisis” at the border at 9 p.m. ET yesterday. Afterwards, the two top Democrat leaders in Congress — Minority leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY) and Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA) gave a live rebuttal.

According to Vice President Pence, weekend talks with Democrats got nowhere. Senior Democratic congressional staffers agreed with Trump administration officials that a crisis does exist at the southern border. However, they are not willing to negotiate a plan to address it unless Trump ends the partial government shutdown.

Pence said, “The president is not going to reopen the government on the promise that negotiations will go on sometime after.” Good thing too, given the Democrats’ long history of screwing over anyone who believes their bald-faced lies and endless stream of broken promises.

On Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Face the Nation, “The president will compromise, but he will not capitulate. … I do want open the government, but the goal is not to open the government. The goal is to fix a broken immigration system. … We’re not going to give in to this radical left EVER.”

Kimberlee Kaye at Legal Insurrection says, “It seems both parties have decided this is THE hill to die on. Trump knows he has to have a wall to win re-election and the Democrats know he wins if they give it to him.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S SPEECH: This is less than ten minutes. Everyone should listen to it and think hard about the statistics he cites and the fact that Democrat leaders are putting their hatred of President Trump ahead of fixing our immigration problems.

2019_01 09 pool fence

REP. TOM REED (R-NY23): Tonight, the President laid out common-sense reasons to secure our southern border.

We care about the mothers and fathers crying for the loss of their child’s life after a heroin overdose or the thousands of women sexually assaulted and used as pawns by human traffickers as they travel the dangerous routes to come to America for a better life.

We should also never forget the lessons of 9/11 and the terror, heartbreak, and pain it brought upon our fellow Americans. Something just as horrific could happen by bad actors crossing our weak border.

I urge politicians on both sides of the aisle to be proactive instead of reactive in finding a solution to this growing crisis for the people we represent.

THE REBUTTAL: Schumer and Pelosi were given time to do a live rebuttal. Not surprisingly, it was a steaming pile of lies. Not only have Democrats offered no alternative solutions, but Schumer and Pelosi also refused to listen to the border security briefing Trump had prepared for them! They won’t even consider a compromise that includes giving Dreamers a path to citizenship. Democrats should be up in arms … with pitchforks.

TRUMP 1, DEMOCRATS 0: From Joel Pollak at Breitbart “President Donald Trump focused on victims of illegal migration in his first Oval Office address Tuesday night. Democrats — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer — focused on the government. … It was a contrast that illustrated the difference between the parties — and how thoroughly Trump routed his rivals. … No wonder Pelosi and Schumer wanted to debate this issue behind closed doors. They have no case.”

THE SCHUMER-NANCY SHOW WAS A DISASTER: But the memes were great!

2019_01 08 american gothic

2019_01 08 dracula

2019_01 08 the shining

THE SHINING CLIP: I don’t watch horror films, so I didn’t get the significance of the twins meme until I watched this clip. Brrrr.

2019_01 06 romney's high horse

RASMUSSEN: Mitt Romney may have pleased Democrats and the media with his recent op-ed criticizing President Trump, but Republican voters by a better than two-to-one margin line up with the president.

2019_01 09 aoc brainless

“PRECISELY CORRECT” — Uh, Sandy, girlfriend … there’s a huge difference between being “precisely correct” and being wildly wrong. You got FOUR Pinocchios from a left-friendly fact checker because what you said was ABSURD.

2019_01 09 flat earth society


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  1. Kimberlee Kaye at Legal Insurrection says, “It seems both parties have decided this is THE hill to die on. Trump knows he has to have a wall to win re-election and the Democrats know he wins if they give it to him.”

    I don’t know about “both parties,” as the GOP is divided, but Trump is not going to blink, and if the Dems want this to be their suicide hill, let it be so, please, Lord, for they will not win.

    Framing the issue in terms of political point-scoring and election-eyeing is one valid way to look at it, but that’s superficial and secondary to the harder underlying conflict of true motivations.

    Trump’s motivation is America. It’s not just Trump’s border, it’s America’s. Its not just some political trick or ploy to annoy Democrats, it’s protection of the Nation. Trump didn’t make up an issue to get elected, he was elected because it’s a major matter and his supporters know it. Above all, Trump wants the best deal for America.

    His opponents are motivated purely by opposition for the sake of opposition. We’ve seen the contradictory records of the Democrats’ past and present statements on border security. They were not sincere about needing a border then; they are not sincere about no-border now. They are just oppositionally defiant. Trump is pro-America, they are anti-Trump. His enemies are, therefore, truly America’s enemies.

    I didn’t watch the Chuck and Nan clip yet. I’m still savoring that initial picture – what a pair of zombies! The memes were okay, but none of them rose to the level of weirdness of the actual picture. (I’ve never seen the Shining, either, but recognized the girls were from some horror thing — just like Nicholson chopping his way through a door, some things you can’t escape even by avoiding it on screens big and small.)

    I begin to wonder if, by 2021, there will be anything left of the Democrat Party‽ I suppose there will rise something to replace it. The Un-American party, where all the Commies, Dems, RINOs, DIABLOs, and other failures from the current parties can go be failures together.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Awesome rant, Mindful! Hope you don’t mind me making it into a meme. 🙂


      • Not sure which part of that you want to work with, but welcome to it.

        I seem to have a comment on this thread caught in the moderation filter. I knew I had too many links in it when I posted it, but I did any way because I’m like that. 😦

        I meant to say about the Oedipus poster, chrissy, that I recall your saying you don’t want to put your detailed handle on your works, but I think you should at least work up some small token, avatar, personal mark to add to your works. For your fans.


  2. Ew, gack. Okay, watched the Pelosi portion so far. I could hardly focus on her words. Hard to say which was worse, the lies or the eyes. And the slurred speech! “The prezzent is rejhecting these bi-parzian bills…” Is it her latest botox treatment permeating the blood-brain barrier as it’s reputed to do, or is she just drunk?

    It’s been noted that it takes a lot more words to unravel and argue against a lie than it takes to tell the lie. I could spend an afternoon unwinding the tangle of untruths in Nan’s few lines. But I don’t have enough aspirin.

    Okay, let me see if I can stand to listen to the man who can’t hold his head up.

    Nope, couldn’t do it. Every word is a lie including “a” and “the.”

    So, I only watched half the clip. They are so horrible. I need a shower.

    (My reaction is in no way meant to be unappreciative of your providing the clip for us here, chrissy!! ♥)

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  3. More memes:
    neontaster | Twitter
    Weasel Zippers

    And mine

    Wooden Response
    Their delivery could use some livening up

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  4. Now, I love it when we get to see our online friends – although it does challenge the notion that we’re all 29 and movie-star handsome/beautiful. I’m used to text-only nickname-only interfacing, especially on forums where folks prefer anonymity. We all need some anonymity. (That said, I’ve been me online since before it was dangerous, so it’s too late now, so I’m just glad I’ve never gone viral.) 😀

    So, point is, I like the pic up top, but have to ask… L to R, we have Chrissy, presumably Daisey since neither of the others looks 10 (*scritches Daisey’s head*), and then that woman who looks like an old friend of ours, our daughter’s age, who we just ran into at Wal-Mart the other day, and while I could remember her guy’s name, also an old friend, Milady and I had to ponder out her name afterward — so terrible with folks we’ve known for ages, you know? So, that’s your dear daughter, I presume, but I can’t keep ’em straight who’s just left Alaska or who is where. I can barely keep track of my own grandkid, and I only have one (point six). But, above all, what a great pic! 💛 💚 💙 💜

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Yup, that’s Mama Buzz. 🙂 I wasn’t movie star beautiful when I was 29 LOL. I’m enjoying being old enough to not have to give a toot any more. And my girls love it that I am a soft-to-hug and going-white-haired Grammy.

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