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2019_01 02 walking daisey

MASCOTS: While the Buzzers were here, they made HUGE progress on their fear of dogs. By the time they left, they were so eager to play with Daisey that she was begging to get locked in her crate so she could get a rest! LOL

2019_01 08 shut down toon

WAIT, WUT? — Clearly, gaining legal status for “dreamers” is not as high a priority for Dems as hating on Trump.

2019 golden globes

TRUMP HAS AUTHORITY TO BUILD WALL: With or without Congress “We could call a national emergency and build it very quickly.” But he would prefer to acquire funding for the wall “through a negotiated process” with congressional lawmakers.

REP DAN CRENSHAW: Definition of Border Denialism —

1) The belief that physical barriers can simply be “climbed over”…just like that.

2) The belief that there’s “no real problem” on the border because 400,000 illegals apprehended on border per year is “insignificant.”

3) The belief that because you can’t put a wall everywhere (i.e. the Rio Grande), that you should, therefore, put a wall nowhere.

TRUMP ECONOMY: Nucor Corp. announced plans on Jan. 7 to build a $1.35 billion steel-plate mill in the United States that would create approximately 400 new jobs. Nucor’s CEO, John Ferriola, attributed the expansion to President Donald Trump’s policies.

TRANS REGRET: A new book called “Trans Life Survivors” by Walt Heyer tells the stories of 30 people who were convinced gender change was the answer but came to see it was not. The book also contains the latest research and an appendix with resources.

2019_01 07 ufc mugging

MUGGER vs. FEMALE UFC FIGHTER: He picked the way wrong woman to mess with! — This misguided criminal stepped up to a woman waiting for a cab and demanded she turn over her phone. Too bad for him that the woman in question is an Ultimate Fighting Champion fighter. She beat him so badly, he begged her to call the cops!

CATHOLICS IN CONGRESS: Nearly one-third of lawmakers in Congress identify as Catholic, including 28 of the 96 new members.

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