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JANUARY 4: I started this yesterday, then had to go be a Grammy. “Poor” me ;).

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2019_01 03 tlaib

FAKE NEWS: NBC says, “Hours after being sworn in, Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib appears to tell a cheering crowd of supporters that the Democrats ‘are gonna impeach the motherf—er’ in a video posted online.”

No, NBC, that is not what she appeared to say; that is what she did say.

When Ms. Nancy “TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT” Pelosi was asked if she planned to speak to Tlaib about her tasteless, uncivil remark, she replied, “I’m going to talk the President about his language.”

Pfft. I’m pretty sure that, if President Trump had dropped an F-bomb lately, we’d have all heard about it again and again and again and again from the screaming leftie-heads who dominate our news rooms.


THE TRUMP ECONOMY: That “MF” in the WH seems to have found the magic wand Obama said didn’t exist — Looks like the job market didn’t get the recession memo.

2018_12 dems agenda

DEMOCRAT AGENDA: The same day Democrats took control of the House — The first bill the new Democrat-majority House passed was an alleged attempt to end the partial government shutdown. It included no funding for Trump’s border wall, but lots for the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, and U.S. funding for abortions world-wide. All Democrats voted for it; all but seven Republicans voted against it. House Democrats also introduced bills to eliminate the electoral college and to impeach President Trump.

GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN: Hell yeah! Schumer says Trump vowed to keep the government closed “for a very long period of time, months and even years” unless he gets wall funding. President Trump said, “This is national security,” He says the walls should have been built by “all the presidents that preceded me.” Also, “We’re not playing games. We have to do it.”

2019_01 04 nancy by stilton

BORDER WALL: Stilton sounds off — “The lack of a border wall tempts people to make a very dangerous journey…in hopes of eventually committing the crime of entering our country illegally, after which a huge percentage will survive on welfare.

“But not everyone makes it. Many woman and children are routinely raped and abused during the journey, and still others simply die of various causes – nearly 400, just last year. We’d include the young girl and boy who recently died after being dragged over the border by neglectful parents. The United States tried to save the children’s lives, but it was too late.

“Refusing to build the wall is an open invitation to more suffering and death. But deaths – even those of women and children – are secondary to the political advantages Democrats intend to gain by flooding our country with government-dependent illegals.

“So besides giving Nancy that gavel, maybe we should also give her a shovel with which to dig graves for those who she’ll continue to sacrifice for her own ambitions.”

PROGRESSIVE TAX RATES: They’re the opposite of fair — FAIR actually means “marked by impartiality.” A flat rate tax, one in which everybody paid the same percentage, would by definition be FAIR. As for “radical”, it actually means “root”, as in “getting back to what we were all about at the beginning”, which BTW is also the opposite of what Progressives want.

2019_01 04 2a david gregory

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: The Parkland shooting commission recommends arming teachers — Fox News has NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch on to talk about what the report actually said, as opposed to what gun-grabbing Lefties shrieked about what they thought it said (except they hadn’t read it). And why not? The “Gun Free Zones” which define schools now don’t seem to be working.


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  1. Ocasio-Cortez Defends Rashida Tlaib Calling Trump ‘Motherf**ker’: ‘I Got Your Back’

    Lovely people. No wonder Sandy Cortez backs the potty mouth— crazy-eyed lunatics gotta stick together.

    Several of what Cortez calls “fake outrage” conservative responses to Talib-ban in the latest Other People’s Videos playlist: Trump, lawmakers, the Conservative Twins, Brandon Tatum, and the Amazing Lucas. (I’d say language warning, but, that’s obvious.)

    Just a few years ago my nonagenarian mother casually said, “I heard a cuss word today I’d never heard before: m__________r.” I don’t care how many decades old I am, I felt like a young teenager: “MOMMM! EW!” I mean, usually it’s heard more figuratively than literally, but, it was me own mum!! 😀

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      My kids have to separate their military language from their at home with the ‘rents language. I raised them with, “We don’t say Oh my God. We say Oh my goodness.” The military is … ummm … different. LOL I get a huge kick out of it when one of them slips and then slaps her mouth and says, “I’m sorry!”

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      • The military is … ummm … different.

        Hahaha, yes. My cousin’s older daughter served in S Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq. After a visit to my mom’s, mom and I agreed that using “frickin'” ever third word was not a very helpful substitute. But she was trying. 😀

        If Milady or I ever let slip an O Lord, I say “Amen!”

        Don’t think I’m fooling anybody Upstairs, but for our own sake.

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    • There’s no need for the word “motherf****r.” Just say “Oedipus.” Means the same thing, but much more dignified. 😀

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  2. jbob45

    Radical, shmadical – no one knows, no one cares – not least being Alexandra in Wonderland who holds herself in same esteem as that other “wise Latina” Sonia Sotomayor. Never mind both women are of Puerto Rican descent, a distinction which renders them “Hispanic”, not “Latin”. One who is Latin is from Latin America, that is, south of the Equator; Puerto Rico is to the north. True radicals, if they were honest, might find their roots in a Hispanic heritage, but like all faux radicals overburdened by heavy lifting, Origami Corntax’ roots drill into a heritage of ignorance. Like I said, no one knows, no one cares, so why should she be different? Alexa, show me your synapses…oh never mind.

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  3. Well, at least we have this powerful condemnation 🙄 by a freshman Senator

    Bet she really felt that burn..?!?

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