Happy Trails

Since I was granted posting privileges back in February of 2011 I’ve done more than 2970 posts. It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road.Some of the very best friends I’ll never meet have been here from the beginning. CtH,Bluebird,Ting,and a few others have been together going way back to the Hillbuzz days of 2007-08. Not that we cared a lick about Mme. Pantsuit but it was one of the few places you could have a discussion with democrats without the dialogue descending into profanity in short order.
About 2009 FlMom, started a new blog that we migrated to. It was great for some time and had a lot of participation.Eventually she formed what we’ve come to know as the Garden.The discussions were spirited and a lot of people made themselves known. Eventually,people just drifted away,as is their wont.The stalwarts,what I refer to as the hardcore,have seen me through some extremely difficult times. Things would have been much more difficult without their support.
Owing to a nearly unbroken string of bad decisions in my life I’ll be forced to work until I die.At 68 years old I’m working overnights in a gas station to make ends meet.Not complaining,it’s the price I pay for being irresponsible for decades.Due to my severe sleep apnea, my days are spent working,sleeping and spending a few precious hours with my grandchildren. It’s all I have left.
I was truly blessed to have grown up in a time when dads worked(there were a LOT of dads back then),mom stayed home and took care of the kids and schools taught such now-archaic things as civics,history,mathematics and job skills. There was no day care for 15 year old students who were already mothers. You had to actually read books,use a library and use a pencil and paper to show your work.Electronic devices and Google didn’t exist.All the kids you started school with graduated together.
The teachers union,in league with the democrat machine has reduced what was once education to socialist indoctrination where individual achievement is discouraged and everybody gets a medal.This makes for more compliant masses to feed the dependency machine that keeps the left viable.
In three days the democrats will take over the House they successfully stole last month.From the beginning they will eschew the business of running the country,save raising taxes and trying to bring in millions more illegal,potentially democrat voters.From day one they will concentrate on trying to impede the president with endless subpoenas and harassment just because they hate the fact he spoiled their party.If it hurts the country,they’re all for it.
When you grow up in an age where the family watched television together and good always triumphed over evil it’s an anathema to see how things have turned around. Evildoers triumph while innocents suffer because no one holds them responsible.Those we elect to represent us raise a sound and fury but it’s all for show.And the show will go on.I simply choose to step away and concern myself with what little I can control.
I may return some day,but that remains to be seen. Thanks for all the memories.


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2 responses to “Happy Trails

  1. 331 Time for the old folk.

    Remember above all else the next 2 years that we are Americans, not merely people who live in this country, so that head is held HIGH and PROUD.

    It is OUR country and we WILL vanquish the socialist left. There can be no other course.

    I would remind many of you about the oath we took that has no expiration date. We’re going to be called on to fulfill it, so be ready. I can’t say what form fulfilling it will take, only that events will demand it.

    We’ll prevail, as we have in other perilous times, so never despair or doubt. We will prevail because as Americans, we are denied the option of failure.

    Never forget that.

    Goodnite, good people. Be safe and sleep well.

    Posted by: irongrampa at January 01, 2019 01:28 AM (S/hVx)