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2018_12 31 First Family

HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION: Remember, my Catholic readers, that tomorrow is the Feast of Mary, Mother of God. It is a Holy Day of Obligation.

2018_12 30 Kids arrive

WALLOWING IN LOVE: Gotta be quick here — The Buzzers are at the Science Center getting their energy out so they don’t demolish Grammy, so I can do a quick blog so long as I finish up before they return. 🙂 They are heading home on Wednesday morning, then Army Princess and her crew arrive mid-day on Thursday!

BORDER: Democrats don’t care — Sunday morning on FOX and Friends author and columnist Deroy Murdock broke down the Democrat Party’s record on border security. On issue after issue Democrats have voted against securing the borders and Democrats have protected illegal entry into America. This is a very dangerous policy. Thousands of Americans die each year from violent assaults and illegal drugs.

2018_12 31 Obama's walls

MEANWHILE: Trump’s outgoing chief of staff, John Kelly, says — “To be honest, it’s not a wall. The president still says ‘wall’ — oftentimes frankly he’ll say ‘barrier’ or ‘fencing,’ now he’s tended toward steel slats. But we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration, when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it.”

2018_12 31 Liberal Logic - It's the law

OBAMACARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL: No appeals — A federal judge who recently declared Obamacare unconstitutional has stayed (or halted) his decision to allow for appeals. Judge Reed O’Connor says he stands by his earlier conclusion that the law was effectively invalidated by the recent tax law that reduced the penalty for not getting insurance to $0.

2018_10 11 Avenatti tweet
2018_12 31 Iowahawk tweet

HYPOCRISY: Can somebody come up with as good a nickname as “Fauxcahontas” for this Hispanic-American Princess? — Ocasio-Cortez was forced to change her campaign bio page after she was caught lying about living in two worlds when she grew up in Worcester. She left the Bronx when she was five years old. She grew up in a small, homogeneous, affluent suburb, where she attended excellent schools before pretending she grew up in the Bronx.

2018_12 31 No one asked

2018_12 30 Net neutrality

RAKE STOMP OF THE YEAR: Net neutrality freak-out — A year ago, Democrats were predicting doom if Obama’s net neutrality rule was overturned.

Chuck Schumer: “If #NetNeutrality is eliminated, the Internet may start to resemble a toll road, with the highest bidders cruising along private “fast lanes” while the rest of us inch along a single, traffic-choked public lane.” Bernie Sanders called it, “An egregious attack on our democracy.” Nancy Pelosi predicted “higher costs and less choice.”

Real life proved them all wrong, as per usual. My favorite nyah-nyah tweet: The internet is better now, but only because so many people died from overturning net neutrality that it freed up more bandwidth.

2018_12 19 Gas prices

TRUMP ECONOMY: This makes Democrats nuts — Under President Trump “unemployment rate is matching its low point of the last half-century…An all-time high 130 million Americans now have a job…Wages are rising…Americans are again the most productive & among the highest-paid workers in the world.” — Sarah Sanders

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: Year end wrap up Tom Gilson takes a look back at the major religious liberty stories from 2018, from the Little Sisters of the Poor to baker Jack Phillips to the outlawing of Catholic adoption services in Philadelphia.

2018_12 31 If Islam

MASS GRAVE OF CHRISTIANS: ISIS victims found in Libya — A mass grave of 34 Ethiopian Christians executed by the so-called Islamic State group in 2015 has reportedly been unearthed in Libya. The bodies have been exhumed and will be eventually repatriated to Ethiopia, the Libyan interior ministry says.

2018_12 31 VEGAN cruelty

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Happy Trails

Since I was granted posting privileges back in February of 2011 I’ve done more than 2970 posts. It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road.Some of the very best friends I’ll never meet have been here from the beginning. CtH,Bluebird,Ting,and a few others have been together going way back to the Hillbuzz days of 2007-08. Not that we cared a lick about Mme. Pantsuit but it was one of the few places you could have a discussion with democrats without the dialogue descending into profanity in short order.
About 2009 FlMom, started a new blog that we migrated to. It was great for some time and had a lot of participation.Eventually she formed what we’ve come to know as the Garden.The discussions were spirited and a lot of people made themselves known. Eventually,people just drifted away,as is their wont.The stalwarts,what I refer to as the hardcore,have seen me through some extremely difficult times. Things would have been much more difficult without their support.
Owing to a nearly unbroken string of bad decisions in my life I’ll be forced to work until I die.At 68 years old I’m working overnights in a gas station to make ends meet.Not complaining,it’s the price I pay for being irresponsible for decades.Due to my severe sleep apnea, my days are spent working,sleeping and spending a few precious hours with my grandchildren. It’s all I have left.
I was truly blessed to have grown up in a time when dads worked(there were a LOT of dads back then),mom stayed home and took care of the kids and schools taught such now-archaic things as civics,history,mathematics and job skills. There was no day care for 15 year old students who were already mothers. You had to actually read books,use a library and use a pencil and paper to show your work.Electronic devices and Google didn’t exist.All the kids you started school with graduated together.
The teachers union,in league with the democrat machine has reduced what was once education to socialist indoctrination where individual achievement is discouraged and everybody gets a medal.This makes for more compliant masses to feed the dependency machine that keeps the left viable.
In three days the democrats will take over the House they successfully stole last month.From the beginning they will eschew the business of running the country,save raising taxes and trying to bring in millions more illegal,potentially democrat voters.From day one they will concentrate on trying to impede the president with endless subpoenas and harassment just because they hate the fact he spoiled their party.If it hurts the country,they’re all for it.
When you grow up in an age where the family watched television together and good always triumphed over evil it’s an anathema to see how things have turned around. Evildoers triumph while innocents suffer because no one holds them responsible.Those we elect to represent us raise a sound and fury but it’s all for show.And the show will go on.I simply choose to step away and concern myself with what little I can control.
I may return some day,but that remains to be seen. Thanks for all the memories.


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