Never Say Never

Tomorrow is the end of the year. It would be a fitting time to also be the end of my posting here.The entire American political situation is a farce,albeit a tragic one on the people who hold our rights as a sovereign nation sacred.Donald J. Trump is a generational figure we may not see twice in a lifetime.He stands firm in the face of scurrilous attacks on his character,outrageous verbal assaults on his wife and children and his supporters suffer mindless violence just because some sick animals feel like hurting somebody.He has borne more lies,slander and defamation than any president ever has or likely will have. All because he won an election that was completely rigged for Hillary Clinton.
He’ll fight hard;that’s just how he is.He gave up an idyllic lifestyle as a billionaire reality TV star to withstand the savagery of a cabal of hate mongering pricks who want to destroy him.They may get him in 2020,it may take until 2024 but they will get him.There will be no one after him with the balls to stand up to a fraction of what he’s been made to put up with.
At that point they will be free to set about their scheme for a One World government with the united Nations being the arbiter of all things.I just can’t continue to read and report on the screaming banshee Nasty Pelousy and her equally deranged cohorts trying to make each day a living hell for Donald Trump.The media will never relent. He’ll get credit for nothing and blame for everything. We know it’s all bullshit but it’s not aimed at us. It’s aimed at the single digit I.Q. thumbsuckers and bedwetters who want to believe the worst at all times.They all want blood but they can’t explain why.
There may be a time when I have the will to take part in the discussion that comes to no resolution. one must never say “never”.

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  1. This post, Pete, is the kind of powerful editorializing that makes you one of my favorite bloggers. I’d like more of it, not less. But, take care of yourself, and yours, whatever is best. You’ve earned it.

    There’s a great war already happening (not that it hasn’t been going on since Satan tripped up), and we no more can see the outcome than we could have in the darkest days of WW2. Yet, I am thrilled to live through these days. I see victories everywhere, small ones sometimes, but adding up. And, like my 98yo Mom, I say each day, “I just want to see what happens next!”