Pot,Meet Kettle

Al Sharptongue, Hoaxter, race hustler and bullshitter extraordinaire talks about Trump not being smart.

Sharpton: ‘Donald Trump Is Not as Smart as We Give Him Credit For’

“You have to be careful on how he defines win. In the decades I’ve had battles with him here in New York, Donald Trump is not as smart as we give him credit for. What he was reacting to was Rush Limbaugh and many that talk to his base had started saying things that were negative, which is why he panicked about his base. There is a direct correlation between Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and all of them saying you’re not getting anything done, even Tucker Carlson. Now he comes back with the wall, now we’ve got migrants marching, he does the move to go to visit the troops in Iraq, and then, again, opens his mouth and jams himself again.”

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