‘Slanders and Lies’

Jon Voight: ‘Slanders and Lies’ ‘Trying to Hurt Our President’

Needing to get something off his chest, Voight looked into the camera and told his audience that although he’s “happy all the time… there are things that bother me. Most especially what bothers me is people trying to hurt our president of the United States.”

Voight dove into a short speech on the “slanders and lies” of the mainstream media and left-wing politicians who are trying to distract from the president’s successes. Voight claimed, “He’s doing a good job everyday. He’s doing amazing things really, and the news is not representing it, and there are people who are trying to cook up slanders and lies to bring him down.”

He also told host Mark Levin that the left’s “virulence” towards Trump is due to the fact that “he’s effective.”

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