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The Time Grows Short

This is my last day off until the end of next week so the posts after today will be spotty until the last one. One of the many reasons my retirement from here is at hand. I get sick of crap like this.

The War On Trump Is All About Keeping Liberals And Their Lackeys In Power

And this year ends with our loser ruling class shedding any pretense of legitimacy in its quest to reclaim the power we took back from it in 2016. The reaction to Donald Trump by our alleged betters – SPOILER: They are much, much worse than us – is instructive. They have abandoned all the principles they once claimed to support – democracy, civil rights, due process, and equality. None of those principles help them to keep or regain power anymore, so they are expendable. As are you.

The problem is you.

You want to have a say in our government and, well, look what happens when you do. You elect the wrong people. People like Trump.

Civil rights? Those are an obstacle to liberal power. Understand that they want and expect and demand free speech for themselves and their allies, confident that such free speech will absolutely conform to their dogma. But free speech for you? Forget it. You have bad and wrong thoughts, and those thoughts are dangerous. Why, speech is violence!

Due process? Ask General Flynn about that farce. Looming Doofus James Comey intentionally broke protocols to send over a couple of FBI agents to entrap him. It worked
The liberal elite’s reaction to the infection of conservative populism is like an autoimmune reaction gone out of control. It might well kill the host, but they don’t care. America is expendable. So are you

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