It’s Offensive

I posted this very image on Facebook a few days before Christmas. The text was: “Jesus, YOU’RE the reason for the season.”

Guess that pissed off the Facebook Nazis.

Facebook Censors Image of Santa Kneeling Before Baby Jesus in a Manger

Facebook censored an image of Santa kneeling before our Lord in a manger posted by LifeSite News this year.

The image was too damn offensive for Facebook.

Facebook explains on its site what it means by “Violence and graphic content:”

“We also know that people have different sensitivities with regard to graphic and violent content. For that reason, we add a warning label to especially graphic or violent content so that it is not available to people under the age of eighteen and so that people are aware of the graphic or violent nature before they click to see it,” the social media giant states.

“We err on the side of allowing content, even when some find it objectionable,” declares Facebook’s community standards, saying it does so in order to maintain a “safe environment” for its “Facebook community.”


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4 responses to “It’s Offensive

  1. Facebook explains…

    I’ve been watching Sargon videos, deeply delving into the manipulations going on.

    Patreon got all SJW, dropping clients because of things they said in media unrelated to the sponsorship. Sargon communicated with the Patreon founder and complained they were violating their own rules, but the reply seemed like a man held hostage.

    A non-liberal alternative to Patreon immediately got into trouble because BigTech groups like PayPal refused to allow them to take payments through PayPal.

    Similarly, when Gab challenged Twitter’s monopoly, they got buffeted, demonetized, and deplatformed almost immediately.

    Conspiracy to suppress competition is rampant. As that baby-faced Facebook founder plainly admitted, the big tech bigwigs all talk to each other!

    The politicization – specifically the SJW-ization – of these financial and information services, especially basic Internet services – is war. Alex Jones got that right: These are the InfoWars!

    And I am glad that Sergent Pistol Pete fights on the side of the Light.