Go Ahead And Try

House Dems Quietly Plotting Ways to Reopen Government Without Border Wall Funding

Five billion dollars. She spends more than that on her anti-seizure medicine and enough cream to keep her skin as taut as a Cherokee war drum. That’s funny right there.

House Democrats are quietly plotting ways to reopen the government while stiffing President Trump every penny on border wall funding as soon as they regain power next week.

House Speaker designate Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other top Dems are kicking around several options that would deny President Trump the $5 billion he is requesting to build several hundred miles of border wall, according to a new report by far-left Politico.

We want … the government open and my hope is we can get it opened before Jan. 3,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), the incoming Rules Committee chairman. “If not, one of the first things we’ll do will be to move to pass legislation to re-open the government. And the president can decide whether he wants to sign it or not.”


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2 responses to “Go Ahead And Try

  1. jbob45

    Pelosi’s mug makes the short list for environmental superfund remediation. Doesn’t that old crone know any shame?g.

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  2. USCM1775

    Pistol Pete always enjoy your posts!
    No matter how idiotic of an idea a Dem has, their corruption, money, and downright dirty ways… They force all Dems to stick together or else… I do wish the president would open an investigation on all of them, but then the deep state would say there is nothing to see here.