A Matter Of Taste…Or Gag Reflex

Leftists Mock First Lady Melania For Wearing ‘Timberland Boots’ – But They Loved Michelle Obama’s Streetwalker Thigh-High Glittery Boots

As usual, Melania Trump looked gorgeous in a mustard yellow top and dark pants. She swapped her usual high heels for ‘Timberland boots.’

The First Lady is in a combat zone so she’s trying to balance fashion and comfort, but the left just can’t help themselves — they had to mock Melania’s shoes.

The hate-filled leftists who always attacks Melania Trump for her heels and now these ‘Timberland’ boots just loved Michelle Obama’s streetwalker thigh-high glitter boots she paired with an ill-fitting dress.


This bitch has the grace of a camel and the manners of a goat.


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One response to “A Matter Of Taste…Or Gag Reflex

  1. Well, I was going to say, thanks, Pete, for covering Timberlandgate, but…

    The car radio decided to start working again and last night we’d heard some talk jockey mentioning this, but we didn’t catch much of the details.

    So, I read what you clipped. I don’t get it. What’s the problem? Nice boots. Rather appropriate footgear, I’d think. Did somebody think she should wear the stilettos in a desert combat zone?

    So, I went to the GP link, read the whole article. I saw complaints like
    “i have never in my life seen anything stupider ”
    “Timberland boots, really?”

    I still don’t get it. This is unreasoning hatemongering. Their usual spew. Who cares what these heathen think? With them, it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    Media gripes Trump doesn’t visit our noble troops. Surprise! Trump is visiting the troops for Christmas. Switch narrative: his behavior is political photo-op and signing MAGA hats is impeachable offense and all those evil soldiers should be court-martialed. That flip-flop sets records for speed and magnitude.

    And of course they don’t report Melania as the first to join the President in the gulf war Christmas visit, but they gripe about her footgear.


    You know who cares about shoes?