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Poor,Crazy Uncle Joe

This pompous ass really thought Obama chose him because he was so smart. In reality, he chose him because who would want to harm Teh Won and leave this moron in charge?

CtH: According to KDJ, he was chosen because he had dirt on Obama from the Chicago gay men’s club scene.

Obama’s Flirtation With Potential 2020 Presidential Challengers Is Upsetting Biden: Report

Former President Barack Obama has been reportedly upsetting his two-time running-mate Joe Biden as he meets with other potential Democratic presidential candidates.

In addition to his former vice president, Obama has had one-on-one meetings with a host of other possible contenders including Democrats Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, and defeated Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

He also notably met with Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke shortly after his defeat to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. Only a week later, O’Rourke publicly revealed he was considering a presidential run despite consistently claiming he definitely will not be running for president.

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Mi Estado Est Su Estado

I know just about enough Spanish to get in serious trouble. Hope that was close enough to ‘your state is my state’ so as not to offend all our brethren who are here illegally.

Jerry Brown Grants Pardons to Immigrants Facing Deportation Due to Criminal History

California Gov. Jerry Brown’s Christmas granted 143 pardons and 131 commutations for Christmas, including a handful of refugees and immigrants that he hopes to spare from deportation by scrubbing their criminal histories.

Brown also responded to the clemency request of Kevin Cooper — a death-row inmate convicted of killing four members of a Chino Hills, Calif., family at their home with a hatchet, knife and ice pick in 1983 after escaping from a nearby prison — by ordering new DNA tests on four pieces of evidence including the hatchet handle and sheath.

The California Supreme Court blocked Brown’s attempt to commute the sentence of Kenny Lee, convicted of robbing and murdering a cab driver in 1992. It’s the seventh time the court has stepped in to use its power to stop the outgoing governor from issuing sentence commutations for killers in recent weeks.

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Oh, Brother

CtH: BEFORE it was learned the Trumps had gone to Iraq on Christmas, the Slime Stream Media was sneering at him for NOT going. When they found out he did go, they had to find something else to condemn.

The First Couple made a surprise visit to the troops over Christmas. He was cheered wildly by our warriors as a true leader who genuinely cares about them. He shook hands, took pictures and signed a lot of MAGA hats. It was wonderful,right?
Unless you listen to the media whores.

CNN Believes Trump Violated Ethics, Campaign Laws During Visit to Iraq

Everyone’s favorite reporter, CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, filled in for Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday. During the program, Acosta went into detail about why he thought President Donald Trump violated ethics and campaign laws during his trip to Iraq to visit American troops.

Troops lined up to meet the president and some of them had Make America Great Again hats and flags, which the president signed for them.

And now, CNN has an issue with it, as evidenced by their constant coverage and the remarks made by their reporters and contributors.

“It is, in fact, a campaign slogan, that is a campaign item, and it’s completely inappropriate for the troops to do this,” former Obama administration official and retired Rear Admiral John Kirby said. “Not supposed to do this. And I’m sure their boss is seeing that. They’re not going to be happy about it.”

Some are even accusing Trump of bringing campaign gear to the meeting, which was evident by Acosta’s baiting question.

ADDED by CtH: Let me guess how much squealing Acosta did about the previous president giving presidential challenge medals to soldiers while he was actually out campaigning (which Trump was not doing). Mmmmm … none?

2014_05 Obama WH medal

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Embrace The “Religion Of Peace”

Or they’ll kill you.

Their religion allows it. Along with old men marrying nine year olds and killing a woman for speaking to a non Muslim.

So let’s all join hands and show them we mean them no harm. Maybe they’ll kill us last.

World Hijab Day Encourages All Women to Wear Veil in Solidarity with Muslims

“More than 70 global ambassadors from over 45 countries have been involved, and women from around 190 countries participate in the annual event,” Al Jazeera noted last year.

Khan explained that WHD’s 2019 motto is “Breaking Stereotypes, Shattering Boundaries,” noting that the campaign also includes “promoting World Hijab Day both online and offline globally.”

Khan has told several news outlets that the hardships she faced growing up in New York City due to her hijab motivated her to establish World Hijab Day.

“I was constantly bullied in middle school and high school. Discrimination took on a different height after 9/11,” she said, referring to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

She added, “Every day, I would face different challenges just walking on the street; I was chased, spat on, surrounded by goons, called a terrorist, Osama bin Laden, etc.”

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The Worst of MSNBC In 2018…

In the second year of the Trump administration, there were Russia conspiracies galore (John Heilemann asked if Devin Nunes was a “Russian agent”), insults to throw around (“Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski called the secretary of state a “wannabe dictator’s buttboy”) and fates to ponder (Katy Tur wondered if her entire life was “pointless” because of climate change).

Donny Deutsch said Brett Kavanaugh would never reach the Supreme Court. Lawrence O’Donnell called the U.S. Senate an “unfixable crime against democracy” because it confirmed Kavanaugh. Chris Matthews melted down over Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court and yelled at Steve Kornacki. Michael Steele warned viewers “your kids could be next” to go into “concentration camps” at the southern border.

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This Will Not Stop

As long as there’s not a socialist democrat in the White House these blow dried, preening pricks will gripe as if anybody cares about their opinion.

7 Times Hollywood Celebs Wished Violence Against Trump in 2018

Once again, several Hollywood celebrities spent the year fantasizing about violence against President Donald Trump, his family, members of his administration, and his supporters.

While down from the more than dozen celebrities who imagined violence against Trump in 2017, the Hollywood hate was still savage from the likes of Jim Carrey, John Legend, and Rosie O’Donnell.

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The Ill Educated Are More Easily Commanded

The democrats have been wildly successful at keeping the majority of the black population ignorant and lazy by forcing them into sub standard schools. These people don’t realize that’s why they’re all set against charter schools where some of their victims may get a decent education and come to realize they’ve been played for fools for almost 60 years.

Walmart Heirs Promote Charter Schools Among Black Community

Charter schools, which are publicly funded and privately operated, are often located in urban areas with large black populations, intended as alternatives to struggling city schools. Black enrollment in charters has doubled over the course of a decade, to more than 760,000 students as of 2015-16, according to the latest federal data, but the rise also has been marked by concerns about racial segregation, inconsistent student outcomes, and the hollowing-out of neighborhood public schools.

While some black leaders see charters as a safer, better alternative in their communities, a deep rift of opinion was exposed by a 2016 call for a moratorium on charters by the NAACP, a longtime skeptic that expressed concerns about school privatization, transparency and accountability issues. The Black Lives Matter movement is also among those that have demanded charter school growth be curbed.

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One More Reason Of Many

Financial analyst describes Fed chair Powell as ‘train wreck under the Christmas tree’

Jerome Powell is a partisan bastard who never ran a company but was so determined to harm Donald Trump as severely as he could that he didn’t care if he crippled the stock market and cost investors, including many working class Americans who have 401(k)s tied to it many trillions of dollars. He shares the same kind of seek and destroy tunnel vision the rest of the left are infected with.

2018_12 FED

The U.S. markets in December have taken a beating, posting the biggest losses for the month since 1931.

“Here’s a guy who claims he’s a businessman in Powell, and he’s a country club privileged person from Princeton who has never run a business, never been an economist, making some major mistakes,” Flickinger said.

“I want a really good credentialed person running the Fed instead of getting this trainwreck under the Christmas tree,” he added.

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Get Used To It

House Democrats Are Lining Up Behind What Could Be The Largest Expansion Of Government In Decades

Democrats are lining up to support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.”

It calls for creating a House committee to draft legislation to fight global warming and turn the U.S. economy into something akin to what Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders envisions.

The proposal would require the largest expansion of government since the Great Society or New Deal, costing tens of trillions of dollars and could be a preview of what policies the Democratic Party will back in the 2020 elections.

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