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2018_12 26 Two Turtle Doves

Happy Second Day of Christmas!

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BORDER WALL: “The wall is the will of the American people.” — In 2016, I remember listening to Campaign Donald talking about his Big Beautiful Wall and thinking, “WHATever.” But you know … the longer and louder and harder the Left fights to keep it from being built, the more sold I am on The Donald’s vision. We’re tired of government standing with illegals over citizens! Build The Wall!! MAGA!!!

RAND PAUL FINDS MORE THAN $114 MILLION IN WASTE: Here are just a few places where we could free up some money for the wall … NOT studying the sexual habits of quails on cocaine: $874,503 … NOT supporting “legislative priorities” in Libya: $1,000,000 … NOT supporting Egyptian tourism: $18,000,000 … NOT studying daydreaming (NIH): $2,488,153.

2018_12 25 TDS

TRUMP DERANGED MEDIA: On Christmas Day, while Mr. and Mrs. Trump were flying to Iraq to visit troops, NBC and MSNBC published “President Trump becomes first president since 2002 not to visit troops at Christmastime” with a photo of President Bush visiting a soldier in a hospital bed. Cuz we all know how much NBC and MSNBC admired W … right?

2018_12 24 Chuck and Nancy

NOT SURPRISING: They need someone to tell them what to do — Chuck Schumer is a spineless weasel and Nancy Pelosi seems to be suffering from some form of dementia. If only we knew what unelected individual or body was actually pulling on their puppet strings. And for the record, Fed Chair Powell is the one causing the stock market to dive and SecDef Mattis wasn’t fired, he’s retiring.

WHILE DEMOCRATS SHUT DOWN GOVERNMENT: Trump shut down “catch and release” — On Dec 20, 2018, Homeland announced the United States will begin the process of invoking Section 235(b)(2)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requiring aliens to wait for immigration court dates outside our borders.

CHANGING HEARTS AND MINDS: Amazing! Watch their minds change on abortion in two minutes. When we show how abortion destroys the life of the preborn child, minds change and lives are saved. Your gift makes Live Action’s media content possible. Every dollar you give allows us to reach 34 people with the truth. Partner with us today:

ALGORE’s INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Twelve years of being wrong — Former Vice President Al Gore won an Oscar and Nobel Prize for sounding the alarm in book and film as a Climate Control Caped Crusader. He also got filthy rich wrongly predicting Rising Sea Levels (yet he purchased a beachfront mansion!), Increased Tornadoes (they’ve been declining for decades), A New Ice Age in Europe (never happened), South Sahara Drying Up (never happened), Massive Flooding in China and India (never happened), Melting Arctic (2015 had the largest refreeze in years), Polar Bear Extinction (they are increasing), Temperature Increases Due to CO2 (there has been no significant rising for over 18 years), Katrina a Foreshadow of the Future (nope), and The Earth Would be in a “True Planetary Emergency” Within a Decade Unless Drastic Action Taken to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses (his home consumes uses 34 times more energy than the national average).

2018_12 26 Coexist bumper

He’s right: The Left hates Christians, especially those of the Catholic persuasion — As Democrat senators attacked a judicial nominee for belonging to the Knights of Columbus, New York State was putting left-wing politics above the needs of orphans. Empire State officials have threatened to close down New Hope Family Services in Syracuse, New York, if they don’t stop placing children only in homes that have a married mother and father.

The Second Day of Christmas is also known as Boxing Day, so happy that also. 🙂

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