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This fatso probably doesn’t eat pork for fear it might be one of his relatives.
Heathen Michael Moore Mocks Christmas – Puts Ruth Bader Ginsburg Doll as Tree Topper

Socialist Michael Moore posted photos of his Christmas tree this year with a Ruth Bader Ginsburg doll on top.

Moore wrote: “My Christmas Tree Topper this year. Better than an angel or the star over Bethlehem. A nation of millions stand with you…”

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  1. Hey, now, that’s right thoughty of Mr. Moore: See how, with that treetop stuck up her rear, she can manage to keep her head up?

    I’ll probably leave more comments before tomorrow, but just in case:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, PETE. Your industry in bringing the news is only matched by your acerbic wit in presenting it. Also always enjoy the family glimpses.

    May the new year treat you and your family well.