The True Cost

Analysis: Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers $116 billion annually

With ongoing violent protests in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, immigration reformer advocates point to exponential costs taxpayers already pay for illegal immigrants, and how much more taxpayers would spend if they were given amnesty.

According to the most recent analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), one illegal immigrant living in America today costs U.S. citizen taxpayers about $8,075. In total, illegal aliens cost American taxpayers $116 billion annually.

Yet the phony democrats bitch about 5 billion for a wall to keep these potential democrat voters out.

Illegal immigrants receiving Medicaid costs taxpayers $18.5 billion annually

I recently had to take my wife to the ER because she couldn’t get her heart rate down. As we sat waiting for service there was a group of about 10 Mexicans,with a ten year old. The only one who spoke English was talking to the nurse. They use the ER as a clinic and when they leave, they leave the bills behind. They don’t have to pay them. We pay them through higher health care costs.

Taxpayer-funded Medicaid benefits being granted to illegal immigrants despite requirements disqualifying them from receiving them cost taxpayers an estimated $18.5 billion a year, according to recent studies

The latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll found that 33 percent of independent voters, 32 percent of Democratic voters, and 25 percent of Republican voters say corruption in Washington, D.C. is the “most important” topic for the midterm elections. Following corruption was health care (27 percent) and the economy and jobs (25 percent).

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