In Minnesota As In Illinois

Walz pick for transportation commissioner signals gas tax increase

Democrats are not capable of cutting a dime’s worth of spending. All they can do is raise taxes on those who work to buy patronage from those who do not. Their claims of using the theft of billions more for improved roads is, in a word, bullshit.

Minnesota Gov.-elect Tim Walz repeatedly pledged to consider a gas tax increase to provide more stable funding for highways and bridges.

And his pick to be the state’s next transportation commissioner signals he’s serious about making good on that campaign promise

“She was responsible for the passing of the last transportation funding increase in Minnesota,” Walz said in announcing the appointment of Margaret Anderson Kelliher as transportation commissioner Tuesday

She’s a former DFL House Speaker who presided over a historic override of a gas tax veto by former Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2008.

“One thing that really attracted me to wanting to do this is their vision of one Minnesota,” Anderson Kelliher said of the Walz administration.

Part of that vision is increasing the gas tax to keep up with demand for transportation funding.

“The gas tax is an important part of the tools in the tool box,” Anderson Kelliher said Tuesday. “It’s still one of our bigger tools.”

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