He’s Not Going Anywhere.

After that cowardly yellow bastard Jeff Sessions crawled in to a hole and left deep state hack Rod Rosenstein in charge ultra liberal terrorist Robert Mueller was turned loose to get Trump at any and all costs. He began his inquisition under the guise of investigating Russian meddling in the election. This was just an excuse to begin victimizing those around the president in hopes of getting something they could crucify him with.When he first began this reign of terror I felt it would not end until he had brought the president down.All this talk about his winding up his investigation is nonsense.
Now that the democrats have stolen the majority in the House he will continue to pick off the low hanging fruit,those ever associated with Trump,in hopes of getting somebody to make up something in order to justify impeaching him.He will attempt to force him to testify,which he will fail to do and that’s probably how the democrats will try to impeach him. “Obstruction of justice” or some other kind of crap.He’s not going anywhere for at least two years.
Ken Starr: Reports Mueller Probe Could End by Mid-February Are ‘Little Bit Optimistic’

He said one thing that could extend the probe is if Mueller insists on an in-person interview with President Trump, who has already submitted written answers to questions from Mueller through his legal team.

He said if Trump’s attorneys absolutely will not allow Mueller’s team to interview the president, then the special counsel will be left with a tough choice.

“Does he go to the grand jury and say, ‘I want to subpoena the president.’ And then we have a constitutional standoff,” Starr said, adding that’s a “big if.”

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