A Protected Class

Model Daisy Fuentes Marx Asks TSA Why She Had To Remove Her Sweater But Woman In Burka Did Not

Model Daisy Fuentes Marx questioned why she was allegedly forced to remove her sweater at a security checkpoint while others in line, including a woman in a “full burka or head wrap,” were not.

In responses to various Twitter users, she made clear that it’s not a religious issue for her but one of security where some travelers are exempt from the rules

Time for a rant. I need to get this in before my time here is over.

It’s simple, my dear. Muslims are a part of a protected group which includes transgenders,gays,blacks(as long as they do not think independently and follow the democrat rules). TSA is populated by thugs who enjoy groping nine year old girls and strip searching 90 year old men because of concerns about “terrorism”, even though they’ve never caught so much as a single one.

Muslims have always been around, but did not become exempt from our laws until the coronation of Barackhusseinobamaallpraisehisname.Now they enjoy privileges that we do not.

They can refuse to do certain tasks like handle alcohol or pork and in Minneapolis, a hotbed of Somali extremists they are protesting for more time off and exemption from production requirements so they can get on their knees and bang their heads on the floor five times a day.

They spit on our Constitution and only regard Sharia as law. That includes treating non-Muslim women as whores, hence the plague of gang rapes across Europe. If a woman is seen talking to a man not her husband or a relative, she can become the victim of an “honor killing.”

Girls are forced to undergo FGM (I don’t need to explain further, I hope) so as to take any pleasure out of the sex act for them. They have a putrid habit of old men marrying eight year old girls. All the while, American law enforcement has to look the other way. Can’t offend these 12th century savages, you know.

And that, dear Daisy, is why she didn’t have to remove her burka.


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2 responses to “A Protected Class

  1. Pistol Pete

    Europe has learned the hard way when you invite snakes in,you’re going to regret it.
    Horror: ISIS-inspired beheading video of two women “authentic”
    Moroccan authorities have four men in custody after finding the brutalized bodies of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen of Denmark and Norwegian citizen Maren Ueland. Police have linked the four to ISIS and consider the dual murders of the two young women a terrorist act. A video reportedly made of the killings, including the beheading of one of the tourists, has been authenticated by Norwegian investigators.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    This reminds me in a molar-grinding way of the time I called the school nutritionist to request they provide a meat-free hot entree on Fridays for the observant Catholic kids. They had non-meat hot entrees on the schedule every week. Why couldn’t they be schedule for Fridays? He told me, with profuse apologies, that he didn’t DARE provide non-meat entrees on Fridays because of the litigious Jews in the community.

    One time, he’d put out blue paper table cloths out at lunch time to celebrate the last day before spring break. A Jewish lawyer called to scream at him for “shoving Easter down my kid’s throat.” Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Tablecloths.

    Schools are too afraid of the cost of litigation to stand up to these schmucks, so MY kids could NOT have their religious practices accommodated. But then, Catholics have always been fair game.

    I’m guessing these days that Muslim dietary needs ARE accommodated, for the same reason. THEIR parents threaten to sue (or bomb?) if they’re NOT. That’s the difference, I guess. I just told the kids to eat peanut butter.