Screwed Again

Much to the dismay of patriots, Chief Justice John Roberts has turned out to be another republican-appointed Justice who turned out to be a democrat quisling.

Chief Justice Roberts is the new Swing Vote, or worse

Roberts joins liberal Justices in denying Trump request for stay of lower court ruling halting new asylum process. An ominous sign.

This is an ominous sign.

Chief Justice Roberts has been sensitive to political criticism of the Supreme Court.

It was widely reported in 2012 that Roberts succumbed to a public pressure campaign from Obama and Democrats that the Court would lose its legitimacy if it overturned Obamacare. Roberts reportedly changed his vote to uphold the Obamacare mandate as a tax, to the fury of the four conservative Justices who wrote a dissent that sounded like it had once been the majority opinion.

Roberts also saw fit to make a public pronouncement after Trump criticized a San Francisco federal judge for a decision enjoining Trump’s new policy on processing asylum claims, which held that people who illegally crossed the border could not apply for asylum. After Trump referred to the Judge as an Obama Judge, Roberts issued this statement to AP:

“We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,” Chief Justice Roberts told the Associated Press.

“What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them.”

Supreme Court Rejects Trump Bid To Enforce Asylum Crackdown

The decision leaves in place lower-court rulings that blocked the administration from automatically denying asylum to people who do not go through official border crossings. An open-ended nationwide injunction on enforcement issued by a San Francisco-based federal judge this week prompted the Justice Department to seek immediate relief from the Supreme Court.


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  1. hocuspocus13


    Has 2 adopted daughters from Ireland

    Apparently the adoption papers weren’t exactly legal so Obama blackmailed Roberts

    Roberts is compromised and should step down