Neither Rain Nor Snow

… nor heat, nor having cancerous nodules removed from her lung will keep this fossilized socialist from putting her personal opinion ahead of the security of the country.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Voted Against Asylum Restrictions From Her Hospital Bed

In what seems like a case of potential elder abuse, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg cast the deciding vote against President Donald Trump’s asylum restrictions from her hospital bed, where she just underwent surgery for lung cancer.

Instead of allowing the 85-year-old justice to rest on the day she had cancerous growths removed from her lung at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, she was put to work in the hospital room.

NBC News has learned Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg voted FROM HER HOSPITAL BED to refuse to let the government enforce Pres. Trump’s proposed restriction on asylum,” reporter Gary Grumbach tweeted. “The court voted 5-4 to leave a lower court ruling in place that blocks enforcement of the crackdown.”


In 2009,the late and unlamented Klansman, Robert C. Byrd,was brought from a hospital bed for a vote. Nothing ever stops them from shafting the US taxpayer.

Despite Fragile Health, Byrd Is Present for Votes

DEC. 23, 2009

In what has become a poignant ritual during a fractious debate, Senator Robert C. Byrd, the 92-year-old Democrat from West Virginia, was pushed onto the Senate floor in his plaid wheelchair Wednesday afternoon. It was his third appearance of the week, each prompted by a vital vote.

Senate Democrats need every one of their 60 votes to prevail in the donnybrook over a health care overhaul, and this week faced a series of cloture votes — required to end debate on the bill — to move the legislation ahead. That placed no small burden on the frail nonagenarian, who spent six weeks in the hospital last spring with a staph infection, and who did not deliver his customary Christmas address on the Senate floor this year.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    You gotta admire their commitment. Caesar Rodney’s heroic efforts to get to Congress in time to break the Delaware delegations tie vote in favor of independence is famous enough that it was depicted on the Delaware state quarter.