The First Word Says It All

Whenever you read the word “bipartisan”, it means one thing and one thing only. The republicans abandoned their principles and the democrats got everything they wanted. Every time. I can’t recall a compromise ever working the other way. This is on the criminal reform law which will release thousands of non-violent felons so they can all vote democrat.

Bipartisan Senate Vote Moves Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Bill One Step Closer to Law

The 87-to-12 bipartisan vote to advance the First Step Act included every Democrat and all but 12 Republicans, offering a comprehensive legislative advancement for an unlikely coalition of supporters from across the political spectrum, ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to the Koch brothers and the American Conservative Union. The bill, which aims to reduce the human and financial cost of mass incarceration, now needs to be approved by the House, which voted for a different version of the legislation earlier this year. House leaders have pledged to get this bill passed this week and President Trump has committed to signing it.

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