The Fed Screws America Again

During the entire eight long, agonizing years of the Obama reign of terror, the Federal Reserve dutifully protected his sorry ass by not raising interest rates once. NOT ONCE!! They kept it at 0% to keep his ignorance of anything related to finance from being exposed.

Then comes Donald Trump. Businessman, investor, a financial success on his own. The bastards started raising interest rates every quarter, just to hurt him. They’re meeting today. If they screw him again and cost people with retirements connected to the stock market Trump should fire them all. Every. Last. One.

FED CHAIR SCREWS AMERICA – CRASHES MARKET: Announces New Rate Hike — DOW PLUNGES 720 Points — Updated

The Fed announced on Wednesday afternoon that they will increase rates and will also increase rates next year.

  • The Dow immediately dropped 350 points in 10 minutes.
    The market was up 370 points and dropped to 20 points up.
    UPDATE– Dow dropped 470 points in one hour.
    UPDATE: 570 Points
    UPDATE: Dow down 670 points from daily high before announcement.
    UPDATE: (1 hr. 10 minute later) Dow down 770 points.
    UPDATE: The Dow finished -350 points or down 720 points since 2 PM when Jerome Powell started talking.

Market was down at one point by 894 points!

The Fed is clearly a political machine not working in the interest of President Trump or the American people. As a result of Fed policies Americans are being bound with massive interest payments on Obama debt for years to come.

The Dow Jones shrank by 3,200 points since the Fed’s Jerome Powell’s insidious comments in early October to continue to increase interest rates.

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  1. The big concern during the election was whether Trump would be able to beat the “margin of fraud.”

    Now the question is, can the Trump admin’s economic growth beat the “margin of fed.”