In Case You Thought It Was Grassroots

Republican Never-Trump Women’s PAC is Funded By Three Democrat Billionaires

Republican Women for Progress is founded by Jennifer Lim and Meghan Milloy — anti-Trump women who have previously made headlines for starting a group called “Republican Women for Hillary” and opposing the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, Federal Election Commission filings show that the PAC is being bankrolled by a $200,000 donation from Kathryn Murdoch, the liberal daughter-in-law of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, a $400,000 donation from Daniel Tierney, the president of Wicklow Capital and major Democratic Party donor, and a $400,000 donation from Democrat Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn.

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  1. Is that really their logo? A pink-white-and-aqua mockery of Old Glory with the word “PROGRESS” the main message? Yeah, that’s Republican all righty.