Little Drumstick Boy

KFC’s chicken-scented yule logs unleash 11 herbs and spices, sell out within hours

One of the more memorable holiday items of 2018 will probably have to be the chicken-scented yule logs from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The chicken chain restaurant launched its own KFC-scented Enviro-Logs on Thursday, claiming that once burning, the logs will smell like the Colonel’s signature blend of 11 herbs and spices, Fox News reported.


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3 responses to “Little Drumstick Boy

  1. Yay! Pete’s Posting!

    KFC™-scented log – umm… I’m unclear on the selling point here. If I want fried chicken smells… well, there’s now a Chic-Fil-A™ in town.

    A good “gag gift,” the kind you keep in a closet and re-gift the next year. (Re-gifting hint: Put a note on it saying who it came from, so you don’t re-gift to the original giver – at least, not by accident.)

    I don’t get most of the scented theme in any product. Does anyone really want pumpkin-spice scented WD-40™?


    • jbob45

      If Coke can be used to eat the corrosion off auto battery terminals, right there’s a sure market for aromatic WD-40. Finger-lickin good, whatever the case…

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  2. BTW, Pete, your headlines don’t get the praise they deserve.

    Little Drumstick Boy. Hahaha.