Never Cross Mike Madigan

He’s not the most powerful politician in Illinois by accident.

An incoming freshman legislator from west suburban Naperville — who campaigned on a promise to vote against Mike Madigan as speaker — says she is receiving warnings from Democratic lawmakers and unions that a “no” vote on his leadership bid will lead to retaliation against her.

State Rep.-elect Anne Stava-Murray told the Sun-Times she has received many calls, with many following a “script.”

In addition, she says that at a dinner featuring lawmakers she and other freshman legislators were “forcibly kissed” — although she didn’t immediately elaborate on that situation.

In a lengthy text message Stava-Murray wrote to Jessica Basham, Madigan’s chief of staff, the new lawmaker said that she has “fielded several calls from colleagues seeking to change my mind about my vote that had made me actively worry about retaliation if I didn’t ‘choose my battles wisely’ and if I ‘started off on the wrong foot.’”

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