Democrats win the Justice Department lottery

It is amazing how so many government officials under investigation conveniently lose or destroy things that would be helpful to determine guilt.

Robert Mueller’s office wiped information off Lisa Page’s and Peter Strzok’s phones when they obviously knew that Congress and others would like to see the messages. I am sure that Mueller would be congenial if his targets wiped off stuff he wanted to see and said, Don’t worry! There was nothing important to see.

Lois Lerner’s computer conveniently crashed when she was being looked at for violating first amendment rights of Obama opponents.

Hillary’s computer was completely wiped clean, but she didn’t have to worry because she knew that Comey was there and would forgive Hillary’s violations of the law by saying essentially that she wasn’t smart enough to follow the law so she didn’t have to.

It is well known that Hillary handed out access for money, but almost six years after she left office, I still haven’t see any prosecution.

Not only did Obama sell access and jobs for donations, but his administration had multiple slush funds for political purposes and to reward supporters. Where are the prosecutors and investigative reporters?

Meanwhile, Trump is being continuously investigated while Obama continues to say there were no scandals or prosecutions while he was in. It helps to have a complicit Justice Department and media.

Maybe Trump should have set up a war room with campaign staffers and campaign money and hired private eyes to destroy the women who accused Bill Clinton, as Hillary did, instead of paying them off quietly with private funds, as Trump did. Then the media, Democrats, and the Justice Department would say it’s OK and support him, as they did the Clintons for decades. Is my assumption correct?

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