Where Democrats Flourish

University of Illinois women’s studies dept. platform calls for ‘the abolition of police, ICE, borders, and judicial system’

Parents spend large amounts of money to send their little darlin’s to college. This is what they get.

CtH: The tweet says they want “a future where we can all survive and thrive.” Methinks “all” does not mean what they think it means.

“We call for decolonization and reparations for all indigenous and black peoples,” another one of the NTYC demands shared by the university reads.

The eradication of “cisgender heterosexual patriarchy,” “global white supremacy,” and “disposability politics” are also demanded on the infographic shared by the Gender & Women’s Studies department.

It is quite worrisome [for] a group receiving funding from public tax dollars to be promoting “curses,” Hubbard said. “I understand Halloween decorations and jokes, but encouraging harm to others through ‘curses’ is too far.”


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3 responses to “Where Democrats Flourish

  1. (Recycling a comment I left elsewhere)

    National Trans Youth Council?

    If a “transgender woman” = man,
    and a “transgender man” = woman,
    then, is a trans youth = old person?

    I thought that dude lost his case for that.



    • chrissythehyphenated

      If we’re going to abolish men, then will trannie women become our new men or will they get abolished too? What about the trannie men? Inquiring minds want to know.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    I guess that decolonization mean sending blacks back to Africa, Arabs back to the Middle East, Asians back to Asia, and white back to Europe. Maybe if nobody but Native Americans are still here, Elizabeth Warren can finally be president. Oh wait, she isn’t. Back to Sweden with her! Not sure what all the mixed mutts like me will do. You gonna send half of me to Ireland, a quarter to England, and a quarter to Alsace? That sounds messy. But since I’m undoubtedly a melanin-challenged, person of pallor, maybe drawing and quartering is just what these vicious people would prefer? Would it make a difference that I have a vagina? I mean, which trumps hate … gender or skin tone? How about DNA? Most of us carry Native American and Neanderthal genes. So confusing! I’m glad these SMAHT people in the universities are going to figure it all out for us dumb bunnies who voted for Trump (after we graduated from Ivy League universities and shed our liberal stupidities).