Typical Boorish Behavior

TIME magazine chose Murdered-Persecuted Journalists for their ‘Persons of the Year’ in a swipe at Trump and his War on Liberal Media Hacks.  

Ashley Judd was on the cover even though she stayed quiet for decades as thousands of women were abused by Harvey Weinstein.

What a hero.

TIME Magazine awarded the #MeToo movement as person of the year award.

This move by TIME was a sideswipe at President Trump after reports of his many lovers and trysts over the years came to light.

CNN’s Brian Stelter says there is a “war on truth” because Trump doesn’t buy their liberal crap.

CtH: I’m sorry, but whut? … “after reports of his many lovers and trysts over the years came to light.” Until fairly recently, the ONLY thing I knew about Donald Trump was what I had been seeing in tabloid headlines since I was a kid. I.e., he was a rich playboy who couldn’t stay married or keep his pants on.

We KNEW this going in. But, guess what, Dumbocrats … THAT SHIP SAILED when you gave Slick Willy a pass about having sex with an INTERN in the OVAL OFFICE. “Sex is private,” you said. “It’s not a high crime or misdemeanor,” you said.

Our two choices in 2016 were Hillary, the woman who had trashed multiple women who had accused her husband of sexual abuse and even rape vs. Donald, a man with a long and very public history of philandering with willing women.

The two women who extorted big bucks out of The Donald in exchange for keeping their mouths shut (then violated the NDA’s they voluntarily signed) made no claims about having been harassed, abused, or forced. They claim he had affairs with them. IOW, if it happened, it was consensual sex, which by Democrat standards, is nobody’s bees wax.

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