‘Tis The Season

I remember playing what we called the “parking lot game” when I was in college. We’d park near the back of the lot and go into the mall. We’d come out with our keys in hand, watching the cars circle like vultures, waiting for that primo spot near the door. We’d start looking like our car was close and we were trying to spot it, just to see how many cars we could get to follow us, hoping to grab the coveted spot. I think our best tally was four. Things got was too serious when these girls didn’t move fast enough to suit the entitled minorities who fully expected these girls to kiss their ass. The girls all ended up hospitalized. Homies don’t play when it comes to their stuff.

3 teen girls beaten over mall parking spot

“I noticed the car had pulled up behind me,” McFadden said. “I had told my friend to wait because I was not pulling out yet because I wanted to sit and wait. Another car, about three cars out from me, was pulling out, and some people backed into that spot and got out of the car and came walking past my car.”

McFadden said the four people – two men and two women – were mumbling something as they walked past. She said she didn’t think they were talking to them. McFadden said as one of her friends leaned into the car to say something to her, one of the women turned and began yelling at them.

The women also allegedly shouted racial epithets toward the McFadden and her friends.

“I was on the phone with the police at the time and I just started reading the license plate over and over to the dispatcher because I knew they were going to try to leave,” McFadden said. “They got in their car, and they were screaming ‘you dumb white bi***es. You are too comfortable.’ They just kept reiterating that we were white and too comfortable, and we were stupid white girls and all this stuff.”

I can predict with 100% confidence absolutely nothing will happen to their assailants if and when they’re ever caught. It doesn’t work that way.

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