The Bi-Annual Chicago Teachers’ Strike Called Off

They go on strike every two years demanding 7% raises, smaller classes, more paid holidays and shorter working hours. Then squeal like pigs when the city has to close 50 schools and lay off thousands of teachers because of budget cuts. The big flap this year was about schools for the millions of illegals infesting Chicago. See, homeowners have to pay for schools through property taxes. Illegals pay nothing and their kids get their education free.

Chicago Teachers Union suspends strike after agreement that includes ‘sanctuary schools’ for immigrants

More than 500 teachers walked out of 15 schools associated with Acero Schools, one of Chicago’s largest charter school networks. The teacher strike, which started on Tuesday and continued into Friday, cancelled classes for more than 7,000 children.

The CTU’s strike demanded for increased salaries for educators, a sanctuary school policy that would protect illegal immigrant children from deportation, and smaller class sizes, according to Chalkbeat

Acero filed complaints with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board and National Labor Relations Board on Friday to stop the strike, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Picketers allegedly offered alcohol to a school security guard in front of minors. Another allegation said a picketer threatened to call immigration officials to a parent who was bringing a child to school.

Teachers will be expected to be in school on Monday.

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