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2018_12 07 HWs last mission

DEMOCRAT MEDIA WHORES: This HW lie dates back to 1992 — The media put out the tall tale that President George H.W. Bush was baffled by a supermarket bar code scanner when he visited a grocers’ convention in Florida. The point was to make him look out of touch with ordinary people. The real story is that the machine’s features he deemed “amazing” were NEW to scanning technologies. The scanner he was being shown had a scale to weigh produce — uncommon then — and the ability to read bar codes even if they were torn up and jumbled.

2018_12 06 Hanukkah WH

CLASSY: Melania did not alert the media — Melania Trump personally invited the Bush family to visit the White House and see the Christmas decorations and some of their old friends while they mourn the passing of former President George H.W. Bush. This kind gesture became public only after Laura Bush talked about it on Instagram. But hey, media slugs … keep telling us what crass narcissists the Trumps are, m’kay?

TAKE THAT, FACEBOOK: Santa’s back — After LifeSiteNews wrote yesterday about Facebook’s condemnation of the Santa praying by Jesus’ manger picture, the story went viral. In less than 18 hours, the story had been viewed about 60,000 times. Then, Facebook removed the “graphic and violent” image blocker. Interestingly, the image was restored on the Feast Day of Saint Nicholas. 🙂

THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS: It’s not real, so shut up — Banning red and green? Come on! As for Mary’s allegedly not having given “consent” … uhhh, no. So Mary said, ‘Yes, I am a servant of the Lord; let this happen to me according to your word’.”Luke 1:38.

CHRISTMAS: It’s not a “rape” story — If feminazis ever deigned to actually READ the Bible (specifically Luke 1:38), they’d know this. In Catholic circles, Mary’s consent is known as the Fiat, which means “Let it be” in Latin. And it’s a very big deal theologically speaking, because her willing consent to God’s plan undid Eve’s willful denial of His plan.

PIANO GUYS: Ode to Joy to the World … gorgeous!!!

CORPORATE GIVING: Here’s one I can get behind Amazon‘s CEO founder is donating $15 million to Catholic Charities to support programs that help the homeless in Miami, New Orleans, and Western Washington.

FBI CORRUPTION: Comey — Yesterday it was reported that a long email chain was uncovered that provides evidence that former FBI Head James Comey and others in his inner circle signed and sent a FISA warrant application to the FISA Court and that they knew the FISA warrant was fraudulent.

2018_12 07 Die Hard Medieval

DEMOCRAT HYPOCRITE: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) — While Kamala Harris was the California attorney general, her office paid a $400,000 settlement on behalf of Harris’ aide, Larry Wallace, who had forced a woman to crawl under his desk to change printer paper. Nevertheless, Harris took Wallace with her to the Senate, making him a senior aide in her Sacramento office. Harris claims she wasn’t aware of the the suit or settlement. Now that’s it’s public knowledge, Wallace has resigned. A few months ago, Kamala Harris was ALL about high government officials being totally transparent and above reproach.

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: Yahoo! — We just broke 75 years of continued dependence on foreign oil! Sorry, Barack, but YOU did NOT build that.

DNC CHAIR: Winning hearts and minds – Democrats are losing not just because they’re so smart, but ALSO because Republicans are so dumb that they go to church. Good to know!

COMMON CORE OUT: Traditional methods in — A school in Florida has soared to the number one position in the State’s top schools list, after it ditched the Common Core program in favor of traditional teaching methods.

LOUDER WITH CROWDER: AOC “Yeah like, cuz like, yeah stuff” — We can bake more pies.

MEN BEGONE: Feminism’s goals — Because America is a rape culture and men are eeeevil. What about trannies? A biological male is the current favorite to win this year’s Miss Universe pageant. What’s the message here? That men can do beauty better than women? Yeah, THAT’S all kinds of female empowering.

2018_12 05 Toxic femininity


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