The Coming Democrat Stampede

Supercut of all the Democrats considering running against Trump!

You thought 17 Republicans running for president in 2016 was a lot? Well then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Trump has the Democrats so upset that gobs of them are now considering running for president in 2020.


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2 responses to “The Coming Democrat Stampede

  1. Tsi Harter

    And who’s gonna have the nomination? Whoever soros and the rest of the billionaire’s Club wants. Hildabeast was not the people’s choice in ’16, but the jackass party knew she was easily owned. After all, Coke-Nose Billy handed the nomination to Obama, but in return for what? Hildabeast as president. When Coke-Nose told Woman-Killer Kennedy that Obama would have been fetching them coffee a while back, not running for president, that cinched it, and Coke-Nose KNEW the cameras were running when he said that. Politics are fun, no? We call them our second religion, which is why the only ones who will vote DNC/KKK=Nazi Party USA are those playing the skin game. Niio!


  2. I don’t think the Democrats will win unless they put up a team that truly represents what they stand for.