No One Left To Bury Him

Fellow World War II soldiers. Rivals for a presidential nomination. Two men who deeply respected each other. Two men who, in their time, were bigger badasses than any democrat alive today. 95 year old Bob Dole came to pay his final respects to his friend and compatriot, George H.W. Bush. When Dole passes there will be no one left to bury him. He has no peer. Say what you will about his politics, he’s always been his own man.

95-Year-Old Bob Dole Stands From Wheelchair And Salutes Fellow WWII Vet George H.W. Bush

Among the dignitaries to honor Bush Tuesday was former presidential candidate and senator Bob Dole, who is 95.

Dole, who served in World War II with Bush, stood from his wheelchair to honor the late president with the help of an aide. Dole saluted his fellow veteran in a powerful moment.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I love it that Dole wore funky socks. HW was famous for them! 🙂