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The Coming Democrat Stampede

Supercut of all the Democrats considering running against Trump!

You thought 17 Republicans running for president in 2016 was a lot? Well then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Trump has the Democrats so upset that gobs of them are now considering running for president in 2020.


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They Even Hate His Service Dog

Is Everything Okay? Liberal Site Decides To Go After…Bush 41’s Service Dog?

From Slate:

But it’s a bit demented to project soul-wrenching grief onto a dog’s decision to lay down in front of a casket. Is Sully “heroic” for learning to obey the human beings who taught him to perform certain tasks? Does the photo say anything special about this dog’s particular loyalty or judgment, or is he just … there?

The photograph, in other words, is not proof that Sully is a particularly “good boy” or that “we don’t deserve dogs,” as countless swooning tweets put it on Monday. On its own, it says almost nothing other than the fact that Sully was, at one point in the same room as the casket of his former boss. This is simply a photograph of a dog doing something dogs love to do: Lie down. The frenzy around it captures something humans love to do, too: Project our own emotional needs onto animals.

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Another Reason I Don’t Use Twitter

Twitter Allows Self-Proclaimed Pedophiles to Spread Their Message on Its Platform

Twitter is allowing dozens of pedophiles to use the social network and promote their pro-pedophile messages, focusing its time instead on banning conservatives and cracking down on “hate speech.”

Over 50 accounts which openly described themselves either as pedophiles or MAPs, an acronym for Minor-Attracted Persons, were listed — some of which have been active on Twitter since 2012

“I agree we have the right to do it. Whether we should or not is another matter,” replied an account claiming to be Todd Nickerson, the infamous “virtuous pedophile” who previously wrote several articles for Salon, including, “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster,” and “I’m a pedophile, you’re the monsters: My week inside the vile right-wing hate machine.”

Salon later deleted Nickerson’s articles, blaming them on “old management.”

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Let’s abolish the U.S. Senate

John Dingell’s plan for America? Let’s abolish the U.S. Senate

This fossilized dog poop suckled at the government teat for 60 LONG YEARS!!! From taking his father’s seat in 1955 until he handed it down to his trophy wife in 2015. It is the dream of the democrats to have elections decided by congressional districts they can easily steal. Entire states are a lot harder.

Writing in a new biography, “The Dean: The Best Seat in the House,” Dingell, 92, makes a case for changing the Constitution to get rid of the upper chamber, criticizing the 18th Century idea that the smallest states have the same number of senators as California.

While it may have made sense in the late 1700s that “Rhode Island needed two U.S. senators to protect itself from being bullied by Massachusetts” at a time when there were only 13 states and 4 million Americans, Dingell says, “today in a nation of more than 325 million and 37 additional states, not only is that structure antiquated, it’s downright dangerous.”

Dingell was first elected in a special election in 1955 to replace his father in Congress and held on to the job until January 2015, when he decided not to run for re-election. Dingell’s wife, U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn, replaced him in Congress.

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Memes More Likely To Be True

From the Babylon Bee:

Study: Facts Communicated In Meme Format Much More Likely To Be True

“While we used to believe that facts were facts, we now know that a completely false statement can instantly become a whole lot more true if it’s put into a dank meme,” said Dr. Michael Wallace of Harvard University. “Truthfulness is completely dependent on how savage the meme is. If you put some info on a template of Steven Crowder sitting at a ‘Change My Mind’ booth, it’s probably universally true, for instance.”

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No One Left To Bury Him

Fellow World War II soldiers. Rivals for a presidential nomination. Two men who deeply respected each other. Two men who, in their time, were bigger badasses than any democrat alive today. 95 year old Bob Dole came to pay his final respects to his friend and compatriot, George H.W. Bush. When Dole passes there will be no one left to bury him. He has no peer. Say what you will about his politics, he’s always been his own man.

95-Year-Old Bob Dole Stands From Wheelchair And Salutes Fellow WWII Vet George H.W. Bush

Among the dignitaries to honor Bush Tuesday was former presidential candidate and senator Bob Dole, who is 95.

Dole, who served in World War II with Bush, stood from his wheelchair to honor the late president with the help of an aide. Dole saluted his fellow veteran in a powerful moment.

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Avoiding The Agitators

Trump Makes Unannounced Visit To The Capitol Rotunda To Pay His Respects To George H.W. Bush

Prevented the agitators from organizing.

The couple entered the rotunda and held hands as they quietly approached Bush’s coffin draped in the American flag.

A solemn-looking president saluted Bush’s remains while the first lady pressed her right hand over her heart.

They left about a minute later – as silently as they arrived.

U.S. Capitol Police cleared the rotunda of visitors before the first couple arrived. The doors to the rotunda had opened about 45 minutes earlier for members of the public to come pay their respects


CNN Panel Trashes Trump After He Goes To Capitol To Quietly Visit And Honor George H.W. Bush

Before President Trump and first lady Melania Trump appeared in the rotunda, CNN special correspondent Jamie Gangel began by insisting that the celebration of Bush’s life “sends a message” to Trump that “this is how it’s done.”

“Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, two Democrats- they called Bush 41 a gentleman, total class. This is the embodiment of just how different it can be,” Gangel told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. “And that’s a message to Trump.”

Gangel criticized the current president moments after he stepped out of the rotunda, saying he doesn’t “mend fences” in the wake of the open hostility that took place between Trump and the Bush family.


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Bits & Bytes

2018_12 05 This man

HAPPY DANCING: Yay for Dr. Fung’s Complete Guide to Fasting! I was feeling “skinny” this morning, so I did my measurements again. In the past 3 weeks, I HAVE lost 1/2 inch each on my waist and hips. :)))) My next weigh-in isn’t until Jan 28th, but after that, I’ll be going to my doctor once a month for Osteopathic Manipulation treatments, which help so much! So I’ll be getting weighed monthly. Maybe by spring, I’ll be up to gardening! Wouldn’t THAT be something?!

WOW: Must see video [1:49] — This guy is amazing. If you’re pressed for time, just watch the first bit. It’s the same thing over and over. He’s so fast and he apparently never (or rarely) misses!

DOUBLE WOW: Anke Chen was born in January 2011 (she is five years old in the video above) and can play Mozart, Bach and Chopin like a pianist of four times her age.

MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS: These two heart-warming doggy tales are both based on true stories. Good viewing for the whole family.

IRAN: Oh no you ditn’t — Following Iran’s brazen nuclear-capable ballistic missile test over the weekend, the U.S. is deploying the USS John C. Stennis and its support ships to the Persian Gulf.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Tax funded why exactly? Between 2015 and 2017, the average compensation for a PPFA affiliate CEO rose from $237,999 to $255,523 while the average compensation to top PPFA executives during that same period rose from $389,514 to $394,893.

ABORTION REGRET: Woman’s viral video response to Lisa Chambers, a member of the Irish Parliament, who said on the floor of Parliament, “Abortion regret is a makey-uppy thing, and it does not exist.”

“I’ve been in hospital after my abortion twice from trying to end my own life because I couldn’t live without my child. I’ve suffered for the last thirteen years from anxiety and depression. Are you telling me that my symptoms, that my abortion story, that what I’ve suffered was a makey-uppy thing? Are you telling me that I’ve made this up?”

2018_12 05 Al Gore

MAJOR WIN FOR FREE SPEECH: And in the 9th Circus Court too! Following more than a year of hard-fought litigation in the hostile Ninth Circuit, Young America’s Foundation won its suit against the University of California, Berkeley. UC Berkeley has agreed to pay YAF $70,000, rescind both the unconstitutional “high-profile speaker policy” and the viewpoint-discriminatory security fee policy, and stop allowing hecklers to shut down conservative expression.

2018_12 05 Flag

SJWS and U.S. FLAG: Stanford University told the Sigma Chi fraternity that their American flag outside their house was “offensive, intimidating, aggressive or alienating.” So Sigma Chi took it down … and replaced it with a MUCH BIGGER one.

CARAVANING: Not turning out like organizers promised — Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the anti-borders group that organized the disastrous mess, has abandoned the people they used. The mayor of Tijuana says he wants them arrested, but they’re nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, the caravan is now breaking up, with many accepting Mexico’s offer of free bus rides back home.

REJECTING SOCIALISM: Voters in Spain’s largest region chucked out the Socialists after 40 years. The new majority is pro-life.

THE MOST TRANSPARENT PRESIDENT: Trump is what Obama just claimed to be. Those who follow government transparency said Obama was one of the LEAST transparent.

2005 Obama on immigration

2018_12 05 Honest toddler2018_12 05 First day of Christmas


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