This Still Steams My Clams

Of all the outrages perpetrated by the left, and they are legion, perhaps none has angered me more than this filthy bastard who was rushed through the police program in Minnesota so they could tout the “first Somali.” An innocent white woman was sacrificed in the name of kissing their murderous asses. The sad thing is Minnesota is so far left he’ll never spend a day in jail for the murder he committed.

Prosecutor: Cop Who Shot Dead Australian Woman In Pajamas After She Called For Help ‘Intended’ To Kill Her

Prosecutors are trying to bolster the murder charge against the former Minneapolis police officer accused of using ‘tragic accuracy’ to shoot dead Australian life coach Justine Damond Ruszczyk.

Mohamed Noor initially was charged with third degree murder and manslaughter in the second degree, but prosecutors have asked a judge in Minneapolis to add a more serious second degree murder count.

Prosecutors alleged Noor ‘knew exactly what he was doing and that he intended to do it’ when he shot from the passenger seat of his police vehicle, across his partner in the driver’s seat and out the car window hitting Damond in the stomach.

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