He Refuses To Play Their Game

The president does not play the “go along to get along” with all the other “leaders” when the bottom line is grabbing billions of American tax dollars over a hideous sham.

Trump Bucks G20 Leaders on Junk Science Climate Change Agreement

President Trump bucked the G20 leaders and refused to sign a final agreement for the Paris Climate Accord on Saturday.

The US is outperforming the Paris Accord Nations anyway.

The statement also says that 19 leaders reaffirmed their commitment to fighting climate change through the Paris agreement, with Trump being the sole holdout.

Trump has long bashed the 2015 Paris accord, which was negotiated under the Obama administration, and announced the United States’ exit from the agreement last year.

He has also pushed back on the findings of a report released by his administration last week outlining the potentially devastating consequences of climate change.

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