Border Crisis

IMMIGRATION: Mayor of Tijuana is NOT happy — Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum called for the arrest of the organizers of the Central American illegal migrant caravans. It’s not surprising that Gastelum is growing impatient with the caravan. There is an estimated over 6,000 migrants settled in his city, and they are beginning to cause problems. “We’ve have never, never, never, never had this problem,” Gastelum said. “Some of these people are coming in violently, disrespectfully, not as a good, law-abiding citizen. And that’s what’s hurt us.” Gastelum said the migrants are also significantly hurting Tijuana economically.

ILLEGALS IN TIJUANA: Tons of trash — Little wonder the mayor is fed up.

2018_12 01 Border wall

BUILD THE WALL: President Donald Trump’s $5 billion request for funds to use building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border equals 0.11% of the estimated $4.5 trillion the federal government is expected to spend this fiscal year. The funding for food stamps in October alone cost more than the president’s entire FY 2019 request for the border wall.

IMMIGRATION: Using kids to game the system — Homeland Security Department reported a 110% increase in the number of men showing up at the border with children, noting they can be used not just by families, but also by by smugglers and drug traffickers to enter the country. Families are also using fraud to game the immigration system. The department said that 170 families have been caught lying about their relationships to enter the U.S.

KEEP THEM OUT: DHS Sec Nielsen sent an internal memo to the leaders of the departments of State, Labor, Energy, Transportation, Interior or Justice asking them to send law enforcement officers to the border to help keep caravan riders from entering the U.S. Should they do it, the move would be unprecedented. But then, so is the assault on our border. If law enforcement does head to the border, active duty troops will be pulled from their mission sooner, DHS officials said.

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