They’ll Probably Steal This One Too

Tonight We Find Out if Trump saved Mississippi Republican Senate Seat

Cindy Hyde-Smith, named to replace walking cadaver Thad Cochran, is facing a runoff with a slimy democrat racialist named Mike Espy. Although Hyde-Smith is leading by 10 points, you can be sure democrats will keep counting votes for days after the polls close until they find enough fraudulent ballots to steal yet another Senate seat. They got away with it before; they’ll do it again. Mark my words.

Only 1% of those polled remain undecided. 84% of the respondents said they are almost certain to vote while 53% of them are female.

Right after the election, a video emerged of Hyde-Smith telling a cattle rancher that she’d attend a “public hanging” with him if he invited her.

Not the right thing to say, especially in a state that has a horrific past of lynchings and running against a black man.

The Democrats took off with it and Hyde-Smith apologized

While these controversies haven’t pushed away the voters, companies have come forward and demanded she return any money they have given to her. This includes Major League Baseball, Walmart, Pfizer, and AT&T.

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