Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Tim Allen reveals why it’s just so easy to trigger liberals: ‘I love poking at it’

Tim Allen likes “poking” at liberals who have a very little sense of humor about themselves.

The actor and star of “Last Man Standing” told IndieWire he likes “pissing people off” and finds that is easily accomplished with a “smart, funny conservative” character.

And in the wake of the demise of “Roseanne,” as ABC fired its star Roseanne Barr following a derogatory tweet, picking up “Last Man Standing” was a smart move by Fox. The Sept. 28 premiere of the show’s relaunch averaged a 2.7 rating among adults 18-49, IndieWire reported, and has given a six-week consecutive winning streak for Fox among adults 18-49 on Friday nights.

Allen sees the family focus, and not political focus, of the show as part of its success, contrasting it with the CBS relaunch of “Murphy Brown” which is “stuck in this angst” against the current administration.

“What we’ve done is we’ve moved on. ‘Murphy Brown,’ unfortunately, I loved that show [but] they’ve kind of stuck along with, forgive me… they’re still stuck in this angst, in this hatred,” Allen said.


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  1. This reminds me. ‘Bout time to watch that incredibly silly Santa Clause again. Divorced dad Tim Allen causes Santa’s death, then is forced to take his place; kidnaps his son against judicial orders. What’s not to like about such a heartwarming premise?