Border Crisis

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“Being a nationalist is to correctly believe that America is a beacon of freedom and is the greatest country in the world. These are sentiments all Americans should want to get behind.” USA Today editorial, Nov 25, 2018

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Monday’s statement from the White House:

Yesterday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and officers effectively and professionally managed an extremely dangerous situation involving more than 1,000 individuals who sought to enter the United States illegally.

CBP was forced to close the San Ysidro Port of Entry (POE) near San Diego, California, to ensure public safety and security. The POE remained closed for about 5 hours. After attempting and being prevented from entering, a group of migrants tried to breach legacy border fence infrastructure and sought to harm CBP personnel by throwing projectiles.

Four agents were struck by projectiles—most likely rocks—but were wearing protective gear and did not suffer serious injuries.

As they dispersed a violent crowd, CBP made more than 60 arrests. Of the thousand or so protestors involved, only a handful of minors were present. The vast majority of participants were single male adults.

Both American and Mexican officials say these actions are not consistent with peaceful asylum seekers. On Friday, Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelumdeclared a humanitarian crisis in his city, which he said was struggling to accommodate the influx.“No city in the world is prepared to receive this,” he said.

U.S. Border Patrol leaders have made clear that a wall is needed to preserve law and order. “One thing we saw that we could absolutely use yesterday was infrastructure,” Border Patrol Chief of Law Enforcement Operations Brian Hastings said. “That infrastructure was breached yesterday. We are repairing it now, but without a doubt, we could use a wall in an area like that.”

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WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE: U.S. Border Patrol agents used tear gas or pepper spray more than 500 times from 2012 to 2016 under President Barack Obama’s administration.

REALITY CHECK: The liberal media will plaster the airwaves with one photo of a Hispanic mother with her kids running from tear gas at the border. What they won’t show you are all the videos of migrants assaulting border agents or trying to tear down a border fence.

2018_11 28 Fake News

FAKE NEWS: “Certainly the White House would never want children to be in harm’s way in any capacity whatsoever,” Sanders insisted. “However, that is why we are continuing to encourage people to follow the law and go to ports of entry.”

“Law enforcement officials have used appropriate non-lethal force to protect themselves and prevent an illegal rush across the border,” she continued, noting that the “Obama presidency” had also deployed tear gas on multiple occasions.


1963: Shortly after President Kennedy was killed in Texas, President Johnson closed the border to prevent the murderer from fleeing into Mexico.

1969: President Nixon halted entry from Mexico into the United States over drug-related issues.

1985: President Reagan increased security and closed nine border crossings in response to threats of violence and kidnapping against United States Customs Service agents.

2001: After the 9/11 attack, although the border was not per se closed, virtually all individuals arriving at ports of entry found their documents, and their possessions, baggage, and vehicles, subject to intense scrutiny and themselves often subjected to lengthy and detailed secondary inspections.

DO BORDER PATROL AGENTS WANT TRUMP’S WALL: “Absolutely.” – Brian Hastings, a senior official in the U.S. Border Patrol, Nov 26, 2018. Video of his informative interview is embedded at the URL.

MSNBC: Would you believe an MSNBC reporter actually admitted that “The truth is, the majority of the people that are in this caravan, especially outside — if we can make our way all the way over there, we’ll show you the majority of them are men,” Schwartz said. “From what we’ve seen, the majority are actually men and some of these men have not articulated that need for asylum.


IMMIGRATION LAWYER CONVICTED: Andreea Dumitru Parcalaboiu has been convicted of running a fraudulent immigration scheme to obtain asylum status with fake travel history and personal narratives. She was also found guilty of aggravated identity theft. The asylum program was designed to provide safe harbor for the world’s most vulnerable people. She gamed the system to make money and allow dangerous criminals to live among us.


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    Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been thrilled when I see people becoming citizens, and while a creep or two may sneak through, most of what I’ve ever seen or read has been that they are many times more devoted to America than some who’ve had the great privilege of having been born citizens.

    Border Battle! 2018 Nov 27
    on my Other People’s Videos blog
    Battle footage, opinion pieces, and a few major network reports on the border confrontations. 24 videos. Most of which I’ve vetted, some not.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      My dentist is an immigrant from Russia. She gets weepy about how much she loves this country.

      Our neighbor is an immigrant from India. She said she can’t bear to read the news these days, because it literally nauseates her to see this great country so divided.

      Dearest and I are oh-so-grateful for our brave ancestors who left so much behind to come here. We try to pay it forward whenever we can. Mostly, that’s been in the form of him helping immigrants achieve their home and business dreams.

      But we also took in a teen from Morocco for a year after her family disappeared. We shepherded her through a suicide attempt, filing charges against a man who had raped her at a party, getting her h.s. diploma and her first job.

      Whenever I hear anyone say Republicans like us must “hate” immigrants, just because we want a strong border and fair, sensible immigration laws that are actually enforced, my eyes roll so hard, it hurts.

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