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ROBIN WILLIAMS on the FLAG: “Look at it as saluting yourselves. … Long may you wave.”

2018_11 26 WH Christmas trees

Melania Trump Unveils This Year’s Christmas White House: Last year, she did an all white winter wonderland theme. This year’s theme is red, white and blue and “honors the heart and spirit of the American people.” More than 30,000 visitors are expected to participate in public tours during the month of December.

Room by room descriptions @


2018_11 26 Ask Venezuela


VENEZUELA: “Let’s be clear: Venezuela is done. It is not our fault. Not our responsibility. But it’s a strong warning to the pie-in-the-sky socialist dreamers.”Varney & Co. https://fxn.ws/2ALnaFZ

2018_11 26 Fall of Clinton

TRANS IN THE MILITARY: Federal trial judges have blocked Trump’s military order banning trans in the military, so the Trump administration is asking for the Supreme Court to leapfrog the appeal courts before the Supreme Court’s term ends in June. “It involves an issue of imperative public importance: the authority of the U.S. military to determine who may serve in the nation’s armed forces,” said Solicitor General Noel Francisco.


2018_10 15 Ben Shapiro

TRUTH: “What are they going to run on?” former White House adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka asked rhetorically. “Please, bring back ISIS, raise our taxes, increase unemployment, bring us back to two percent GDP growth instead of – Oh, wait! We didn’t even get to two percent under Obama…All they have to run on is hatred, hatred of the president, hatred of the founding principles of our republic, and take heart dear viewer, the Left will eat itself internally…Their fuel is hatred. Our fuel is love, love of our history and our founding principles.”



PRAGER UNIVERSITY: Politics and Sports: Keep Your Hands Off My Football — Sports has a unique ability to unite our communities and our nation. Until recently, that is. How did sports get so politicized? Clay Travis, host of Outkick the Show, tackles the country’s cultural divide and its effect on our favorite pastime. Sports broadcasters need to take a page from Dolly Parton and remember they are ENTERTAINERS.

2018_11 26 Gun violence facts

GUN VIOLENCE FACTS: Click here to take a deeper look.


CHINA: Progs would love to do this here! The Chinese government plans to start a national social credit system by 2021. Under the plan, the government will judge each of its 1.3 billion people with a score that is based on their social behavior. Those deemed untrustworthy will be “unable to move even a single step.”


CLIMATE REPORT: The new National Climate Assessment claims the U.S. economy could take a 10 percent hit from global warming. However, that claim is based on research funded by groups founded by major Democrat donors Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg. Its predicted 15 deg F temp increase is twice the most extreme value reported elsewhere in the same report.


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Invasion Not Migration

2018_11 26 Invasion

INVASION: It’s all about economics, NOT asylum from political violence or religious persecution. Migrants in the Central American “caravan” heading towards the US border are planning to wait until an expected 20,000 migrants arrive in Tijuana and then enter the United States illegally en masse, according to a report. The group also plans to attempt to illegally enter the US through vehicle lanes at San Ysidro, because “it’s more spacious.”

Some have told reporters that they have no intention of applying for asylum, saying, “It’s a waste of time. It’s a process that takes months and years—it’s a long time.” Also,We want a better life, and I’m in a hurry.” It’s hardly surprising, since Mexico offered them asylum, but they continued to head toward our border.

MEDIA LIES: For the past month, talking heads on CNN and MSNBC have repeated numerous outright falsehoods, including that it doesn’t exist, that it is comprised of “mostly women and children” that there is “no evidence of criminals” participating; and that none of those marching north are “economic migrants.”

But actual photo’s and videos show that well over 70% are men under the age of 35, Mexican officials have already deported numerous known criminals, and the migrants themselves say they’re not interested in asylum, just money.

Click here to see a video documenting just some of the numerous narratives about the caravan that cable pundits have been pushing interspersed with videos of the caravan showing what Big Fat Liars they are.


2018_11 26 Trump wall

PRESIDENT TRUMP SAID that he has no intention of allowing the invading mob into the country, even if that means closing the US border. “If for any reason it becomes necessary, we will CLOSE our Southern Border. There is no way that the United States will, after decades of abuse, put up with this costly and dangerous situation anymore!”

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd says that during Sunday’s failed attempt to storm the border, “They pushed women and children up front and then behind those women and children, they started throwing rocks, cement bricks, they started throwing bottles at our Border Patrol agents.”

“We were forced to use the action,” Judd said, adding that they did not use “kinetic force” on any children and instead launched tear gas into the area to force the crowd to disperse.

2018_11 26 Major of Tijuana

BORDER PATROL: Click here to watch Rodney Scott, the chief U.S. Border Patrol agent of San Diego, outline on Monday the circumstances that led to law enforcement to use tear gas at the United States-Mexican border on Sunday.


A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the caravans of migrants crossing Mexico to enter the United States illegally are a threat to public health and national security. Forty-one percent (41%) do not perceive such a threat.


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