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2018_11 24 St T of A


TROOPS ON THE BORDER: Diamond and Silk sound off.

2018_11 24 Caravan

CARAVAN:The Trump administration has reached an informal deal with Mexico which will make asylum seekers wait in Mexico while their cases are processed. This move by the Trump administration is the latest to end Obama’s dangerous ‘catch and release’ that allowed illegal aliens to wait in the US while lawyers worked on their immigration cases. Under Obama’s ‘catch and release’ policy, illegal aliens would often just disappear into the US population and ignore orders to appear in court regarding their immigration status.


RADICAL ISLAM IS NOT A FRINGE POSITION: Ben Shapiro uses facts to prove his position.


“HILLARY CLINTON IS LIKE HERPES”: So said, Anna Paulina on Turning Point. Bwahaha! While that may be the most accurate statement about Hillary Clinton ever stated on TV, FOX felt compelled to close the segment with an apology to Hillary and viewers for the “inappropriate language.” ::snork::


D’SOUZA: I love this guy!

CLIMATE HORROR!!: Apparently, some gummint agency or agencies published some “super scientific” report claiming WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! Or go broke trying to stay alive. Or something. Cuz OF COURSE we should all go broke FIRST just in CASE and, while we’re at it, let’s also condemn all the second and third world countries to extreme poverty by denying them fossil fuel technologies.

But WAIT, another scientific report says the sun is heading into a Super Grand Solar Minimum when 4 of the solar cycles will line up. A Maunder Minimum occurred 350 years ago when two lined up, producing 40-60 years of extra cold weather. This shows up in art, for example, in paintings of people ice skating on the Thames. The Super Grand Solar Minimum coming up will have 4 cycles lining up. Solar scientist Valentina Zharkova, whose models have been right 93% of the time, is predicting a cooling effect that is 2.5 to 4 times larger than the Maunder minimum.

Sounds to me like man-made global warming will be a VERY good thing, KWIM?

BECAUSE SCIENCE: Let’s see how hard the “OMG GLOBAL WARMING” liberals fight against this bit of science. DNA has proven that all humans are descended from one man and one woman who lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago and ninety percent of all animal species alive today come from parents that all began giving birth at roughly the same time, less than 250 thousand years ago. Score: Genesis One, Darwin Zero.

AOC: Twitchy says, “Here’s Ocasio-Cortez’s playbook: she does an interview or a podcast or a cable TV hit or just posts a video of herself saying something utterly stupid … and when she gets called on it, she (and the media) takes it as a sign of how frightened conservatives are of her radical socialist ideas.”

Sorry, what? We’re AFRAID of her?! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

2018_11 24 AOC

Twitchy: “CNN’s media guy Brian Stelter apparently liked Ocasio-Cortez’s takedown of Fox News for calling her a ‘little, simple person’, so he’s having Cenk Uygur as a guest on Sunday’s Reliable Sources to talk about her owning of the cons and how she does it so deftly. Hey, if foreign languages are so important, when is Ocasio-Cortez going to catch up to Melania Trump?”

My favorite tweets:

The folks at @ReliableSources have an uncanny ability to choose the most significant, meaningful journalism issue of the past week & feature it on Sunday. Anti-conservative tweets from a socialist is a blockbuster story just begging to be told.

Since CNN’s kind of keeping its distance from celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, someone has to fill up the time.

This honestly made me laugh. Trump did it during his campaign, Brian, his “reliable” sources show and many other left-wing media outlets criticized him. Leftist wonderkid, AOC, does it and Brian fawns over her.

If she was a Republican, the MSM would be all over calling her a moron and stupid. Remember how they treated Dan Quayle! He was a rocket scientist compared to this woman!


SECOND AMENDMENT: One sheriff has a novel idea about why there’s more gun violence. “Guns didn’t change. We changed.”



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