Sorry,Chrissy And Bluebird; I Didn’t Write This

Our ladies are crazy smart and while away their leisure hours playing world class Scrabble games. I was an English major in college, but they’re way above my pay grade.

Sorry, Feminists, Men Are Better at Scrabble

Scrabble World Champion Nigel Richards displays his final winning board in London, Oct. 28.

The 2018 World Scrabble Championship was held last month in London. The champion, 51-year old Nigel Richards, played “groutier” (meaning “sulky”) for the winning 68 points. This was Mr. Richards’s fourth world title in English Scrabble; he also took the French Scrabble title this year for the second time, even though he doesn’t speak French.

If Mr. Richards’s dominance of competitive Scrabble is clear, there is a less noticed but more significant pattern in the game: Since the World Scrabble Championship began in 1991, all winners have been male. The North American Scrabble Championship has had one female winner (in 1987) since its founding in 1978. All eight finalists in this year’s French World Scrabble Championships were men.


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4 responses to “Sorry,Chrissy And Bluebird; I Didn’t Write This

  1. *looks at large image*

    Some of winning boy’s words would never have been allowed on our Scrabble boards when we were kids!

    My best Scabble story (posted about 5 years ago)


    • chrissythehyphenated

      ” parenting is not an exact science, right? At least that’s what it says in my Parenting Handbook. In fact, that’s all it says.”


      We women didn’t play Scrabble in my home of origin, because the males played for blood. Maybe that’s why men win more tournaments? I dunno. I do remember that the year the first Official Scrabble Dictionary came out, my brother gave it to my father, who immediately looked up a word that brother had played and defended vehemently. Father was still annoyed about it months (years?) later. It was in the dictionary. Brother “won” Christmas that year.

      We also don’t play Scrabble at Casa Hyphen, because Dearest cannot rest until he has read the whole blasted dictionary every turn to find THE ultimate perfect play. We’ve settled on Backgammon for “our” game, because we can chat, eat, AND finish two games over lunch … all without having a single argument.

      (Bridge and Chess went the way of Scrabble. I just can’t CARE that much about winning.)

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  2. chrissythehyphenated

    So are the tournament board’s magnetic?


  3. jbob45

    Magnetic, like a Ouija Board? That splains everything.