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2018_11 19 Shift perspective

ABORTION GOOD NEWS: A recently released report from a pro-abortion organization says that “independent [abortion] clinics are closing at an unprecedented rate.” Their headline says “Alarming Rate.” Change that to Encouraging and I would totally agree.

ABORTION GOSNELL MOVIE: About a half a million people have seen the movie in theaters across the country. This ensures good placement for this movie on Video On Demand (Jan 22nd), in stores (Feb 5th) and Netflix (May 19th). Most importantly, hearts and minds have been changed. The reports from audiences were consistently positive, there was a remarkable similarity with people staying in their seats right to the end of the credits in total silence listening to John Ondrasik’s haunting Song for the Innocents. [Source: Indiegogo email update.]

2018_11 19 Stelter tweet


2018_11 19 Acosta by Terrell

ACOSTA: Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson discusses the Acosta case, with particular concern for how Acosta’s showboating and legal machinations will end up hurting reporters.


INCOMING REP CRENSHAW: On Face the Nation, he successfully challenged Democrats’ claim that President Trump is “undermining our democratic freedoms.” Start the video at 17:20. He’s going to be a real asset in Congress. Thank God he won!


  • Rep. Devin Nunes: You just don’t get away with two years repeating the same garbage over and over again, essentially chasing Russian ghosts in the closet, infuriating the American people. There’s so many Americans out there whose minds have been poisoned, who believe that the Trump campaign actually did collude with Russians because they have dishonest politicians saying such…
  • Maria Bartiromo: Well let’s not forget the media driving the bus on that. Because the media has also been the loud speaker for this idea of collusion when there wasn’t any.

FLORIDA RESIGNING: Widely criticized Broward County Supervisor of Election Brenda Snipes has submitted her resignation, ending a 15-year tenure full of botched elections, legal disputes and blistering criticism. She admitted a few things needed to be “tweaked.” Uhhh, yeah. They lost 2,000 ballots during machine recount, mixed invalid ballots with valid ones, missed a critical deadline, had to be forced by a judge to turn over public records, and failed to report results on election night in a timely manner. “Tweaks.” Snipes said, “I am ready to pass the torch.” One hopes (but does not count on) Florida having someone who is actually honest and competent ready to take that torch.

FLORIDA WHINING: In his concession speech, soon-to-be-former Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) claimed that one of the reasons why he lost was “voter suppression.” Fact check, Bill. The fact that YOUR voters just didn’t turn out is not the same thing as voters being suppressed. Florida has a month of voting by mail plus 7 days of in-person early voting and 13 days in big counties that have the bluest population. Also, any voters who are turned away can get a provisional ballot and have it count. Who exactly was “suppressed” by that? Twitchy points out that one ACTUAL thing that cost Nelson the election was his dismal support among Latino voters, which Scott lost by only 9% compared to 40% nationally. Scott had a Spanish-language website and ads; Nelson had neither.

2018_11 18 Holder tweet

GEORGIA JOURNO-BLATHER: Buzzfeed’s take on Abrams’ loss … “Stacey Abrams tried. But ultimately she could not, for now, preserve her supporters’ idea of democracy in Georgia.” Oh. Okay. I guess. Not. As Ben Shapiro put it, “Abrams tried but could not preserve her own election because she didn’t get enough votes.”

2018_11 19 OC free electricity

OCCASIONAL-CORTEX: She says in the video that she wants Dems to take back ‘all three chambers of Congress’ I mean ‘all three chambers of government’ [Psst, Al … they’re BOTH wrong]. She got testy about people … I mean, meany pants Republicans … mocking what she calls “word slips.” As Twitchy says, “Nothing wrong with being confident in your ideas, you just need to know what the Hell you’re talking about. And she does not. Clearly.”

MICHELLE MALKIN: Check Your Ego, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This is good.

#NEVERTRUMP: Max Boot (whoever he is/was) tweeted, “Why A Lifelong Conservative Left the GOP.” My interview with @soledadobrien.” Best response: Every week- Boot/Nichols: “I’m leaving the GOP because of Trump.” Everyone: “Okay bye.” Boot/Nichols: “I mean it. I’m gone!” Everyone: “Okay bye.”

GET RICH BEING A DEMOCRAT: Is America a great country or what? Where else can you work as a “public servant” most of your life and cash in to the tune of tens of millions of dollars when you “retire”? Remember when Michelle told us she’d “passed up” a lucrative career as a lawyer to “serve” in the public sector? (Plus, a judge yanked her law license for we don’t know what cuz the files are sealed.) And then there was that time when Barack said, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” Good times. Today, Barack and Michelle are worth well many, many millions. Some estimates go as high as $135 million.

DEMOCRAT – THE PARTY OF FEUDALISM: In the 116th Congress, 54 of the wealthiest 66 districts will be represented by Democrats, who also represent the poorest, non-white districts. This is like the feudal society of the Middle Ages, where the nobility was rich, the poor were serfs, and there was little to no middle class. Around 90 percent of the people worked the land as peasants; most were dead before they reached 30 years old. The nobility held absolute power over their peasants, who had no rights or protections under the law.


TRUMP ON BORDERS:We’re not letting people into our country illegally, and we’re not doing “catch and release” like in the old days. We have millions of people who have been waiting a long time to come into our country LEGALLY!” Today’s Presidential Approval Numbers at Rasmussen are 50% approve vs. 49% disapprove.

2018_11 19 Security borders

GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE: Yet another caravan has formed, the fourth caravan to head towards the U.S.-Mexico border since the first group from Honduras left on Oct. 13. This one started in Honduras. They were guarded by police as they made their way to buses set for Guatemala and have already created social media and WhatsApp accounts, hoping to capitalize on the attention given to the other caravans. If Trump doesn’t stop this, they’ll just keep coming and coming and coming.

TIJUANA CAMP AT BORDER: Six thousand Central American migrants have encamped in Tijuana, Mexico, waiting to enter the United States, legally or illegally. A reporter asked one of the migrants how the living conditions were in the camp. The woman complained about the food she had been given in the camp, calling it food for “pigs” and saying she would “die of hunger” if she did not eat it. Oh. You voluntarily violated Mexico’s laws, but they are putting you up and feeding you anyway while you wait in hopes of invading the so-generous and so-rich United States … but you’re pissed about refried beans? I vote we send HER back home asap.

STORMY: Smut star Stormy Daniels is blaming Donald Trump for destroying her illustrious career in the adult film industry. The poor things says the political “shitshow” she has endured (cuz she set it off) over the last ten months has left her with no capacity to write “adult” movies. Brit Hume tweeted, “Because she used to be famous and now no one’s ever heard of her?” BWAHAHA!

2018_11 19 Beer can choir

DRY BAR COMEDY: “Ninja Dad” As always, stick it out through the annoying ad.

Thankfully, my father didn’t spank. Mom did that. I realized why when we went bowling and his pins didn’t just fall down when his ball hit them. They flew up in the air and SPUN AROUND first.

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