The Democrats’ Best Friends

Pete: Unbelievable … behave like a jackass,get an activist judge to defend you.

Judge Orders White House to Restore Jim Acosta’s WH Hard Press Pass – A Win for the Media Mob

A federal judge on Friday granted CNN’s request for a court order that would temporarily reinstate network correspondent Jim Acosta’s White House press pass, which had been suspended indefinitely in the wake of a fiery exchange between the reporter and President Donald Trump a week earlier.

The ruling from Judge Timothy Kelly, who was appointed by Trump, was the first victory for CNN in the ongoing case.

CtH: The way Dan Bongino wrote it up, I got a different impression.

Bongino noted that the judge decided that the White House had not given him due process in simply yanking his access without notice.

I kinda thought that meant that the WH can boot Jimbo the next time he acts like a butthead, provided they follow whatever “due process” is for yanking a reporter’s press pass.

I had hoped to post this graphic with “the judge rules with the WH”, but it’s too funny not to post anyway. And it could very well become valid again soon. I’m guessing Acosta is feeling way cocky about his “win” and will be even MORE obnoxious. I’d love to see the rest of the reporters turn on him. He’s not just rude to Trump. He’s rude to every other reporter in the room.

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