Comic Relief From The Bronx

Get ready for a two year sideshow by one of the most unqualified idiots ever to achieve office.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says people on Capitol Hill keep mistaking her for an intern

At 29 years old, U.S. Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be the youngest woman ever in Congress, but her first few days as an elected official have come with challenges — some of which have nothing to do with politics. As Capitol Hill holds orientation meetings this week, the incoming congresswoman said on Twitter that people keep mistaking her for an intern or someone’s spouse.

She revealed she can’t afford an apartment in D.C. until her congressional salary kicks in. The congressional neophyte has led a charge to push for a climate plan and even joined a protest outside the office of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who is vying to be the next Speaker of the House.

CtH: Excuse me while I butt in on Pete’s post. I had this stuff for my Bits & Bytes, but I thought y’all would prefer it here.

Jarlsberg served up some excellent O-C snark today.

“Socialist Representative-elect Alexandria “Way Too Much Caffeine” Ocasio-Cortez is already dismayed with Washington because, during early orientation, people keep assuming that she’s just a young, clueless intern instead of a young, clueless member of Congress.

We’ve already heard from her own frighteningly toothy mouth that Cortez foolishly believed she would be “inaugurated” into her new job, and that she would suddenly have the power to sign bills into law. So perhaps she also assumed that she would have automatically received an aura of political power and authority which the rabble would be able to recognize from afar, no doubt shielding their eyes from the magnificent glare as they hastily knelt in her presence.

But nooOOooo. It turns out she just looks like any other ambitious, over-amped jerk in a city which was already crawling with them.

We sincerely look forward to her future crushing disappointments.

We’ve heard so many “dire” climate change predictions and NONE of them have come true. But Ryan Saavedra, a reporter from the Daily Wire, makes a cogent point.

2018_11 13 OC climate


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2 responses to “Comic Relief From The Bronx

  1. jbob45

    Intern? For Saturday Night live, maybe. SNL has been dead in the water for so long, Ms. Origami-Cortex is the holy grail of new comedic talent they’ve been looking for. Next two years is looking up.


  2. jbob45

    I’d love to hear O-C recite the Gettysburg Address on Quaaludes.