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2018_11 16 Snow by Deb Hill

PHOTO: Taken by a friend and posted on Facebook. This is what my neighborhood looked like when I walked Daisey today. So pretty!

FORMAT CHANGE: I noticed that WordPress puts no space between a video and the text that comes after, so I’m switching my explanatory text from before to after related graphics and videos in hopes the spacing will make more sense. Just so you know. Cuz I’m so sure all my Alert Readers really pay soooo much attention to these things! LOL

WELL CRAP: Pro-abortion Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has officially won Arizona’s open Senate seat. She won 49.7% of the vote; her pro-life GOP opponent, Martha McSally, won 48%. Sinema is an open bisexual; McSally is a retired Air Force colonel and the United States’ first female combat pilot.

SPILLING THE BEANS: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke truth when he explained that New York had to offer Amazon a generous incentive to come here, because of our high taxes. Cuomo: “It’s not a level playing field to begin with.” “All things being equal, if we do nothing, they’re going to Texas.”

Iowahawk tweeted: “What did we learn today kids? By giving away the farm to land Amazon, New York incentivized every business in New York to threaten leaving unless they get a farm of their own.”

My other favorite tweet: “Sometimes truth just inadvertently slips out of a politicians mouth when they aren’t looking.”

2018_11 15 Pelosi

BABYLON BEE: Pelosi predicted that the death toll from her being ousted as the Dems’ top congressperson would be “ten times larger” than the deaths that resulted from Trump’s election, the Republican tax cuts, and Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. “This will kill more people than global warming, the net neutrality repeal, and Republicanism combined,” she said gravely. “I will retain power at all costs in order to save us from this terrible fate—even if it kills Democrats’ chances at reinventing the party for good.”

2018_11 16 Avenatti by StiltonAVENATTI LIES: Yesterday, he tweeted, Contrary to @foxnews and others, I have always advocated for due process including with Judge Kavanaugh (we demanded a full and thorough investigation repeatedly). Any claim to the contrary is bogus. Many of these “pundits” don’t even know what legal due process is.

Best tweet reply: That’s interesting. Because during a CNN tape in September — one week *before* Julie Swetnick — you said Trump should “pull the nomination” and “move to the next nominee,” citing a lie detector test you acknowledged is “not admissible in a court of law.”

IMMIGRATION: THIS is how it’s done. Billy Idol became a U.S. citizen on Wednesday in Los Angeles, holding the American flag as he took the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance.

DEMOCRAT SCHMUCKS: On October 13, Tucker Carlson was out with two of his children and some friends. “Toward the end of the meal, my 19-year-old daughter went to the bathroom with a friend. On their way back through the bar, a middle aged man stopped my daughter and asked if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson,” he explained. “She answered, ‘That’s my dad,’ and pointed to me. The man responded, ‘Are you Tucker’s whore?’ He then called her a ‘f***ing c***.’” For the record, Carlson did NOT give this man what he so richly deserved, for which he deserves a medal.

Now, for the follow up. Mr. Abusive Potty Mouth who made Ms. Carlson cry has been identified as a (now former) member of the Board of Directors for the Women’s Initiative, a group that describes its mission as “empowering women in times of challenge and change.”

Tucker Carlson: “East Coast opinion columnists may routinely denigrate them, but Americans remain a caring, generous people. And sadly, some people take advantage of that. A year ago, Mark Damico and Kate McClure raised over $400,000 on Go Fund Me, allegedly to help Johnny Bobbit, a homeless man who had assisted them when they ran out of gas on the highway. Later, bobbit accused the couple of keeping the money for themselves. Now, authorities say the entire story was a hoax from the beginning, and all three individuals are facing charges.” Mark Steyn joins Tucker to discuss this and offer some good advice.

SORE LOSER: Move over, Hillary. Florida’s gubernatorial voting machine recount earned Andrew Gillum (D) exactly ONE new vote. Despite the fact that Ron DeSantis (R) is ahead by more than what is required to trigger a manual recount, but Gillum is refusing to concede. Apparently, D stands for Douche.

ALSO FLORIDA: The machine recount in Florida’s senate race has finished and Republican Rick Scott’s margin has increased by 865 votes to a 13,247 lead. However, the margin is less than 0.25%, so unless Democrat Bill Nelson concedes (which seems unlikely), a manual recount must be done.

PAIN: In Morocco there grows a cactus-like plant that’s so hot that it actually destroy nerve endings. It’s been tested successfully on dogs for pain relief and offers hope for some day being available for serious, non-opioid, pain relief in humans, particularly for joints and cancer.

Steve Martin is a punctuation cop just like me! LOL

Ow, my sides hurt from laughing! Stick with this video through the annoying little ad in the middle.

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