Don’t Hold You Breath

Court Rules Hillary Clinton Must Answer Key Questions About Her Private Server

At this point, what difference does it make? She won’t remember anything.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton was required to submit, under oath, written answers to Judicial Watch’s questions. Clinton objected to and refused to answer questions about the creation of her email system; her decision to use the system despite warnings from State Department cybersecurity officials; and the basis for her claim that the State Department had “90-95%” of her emails. Judge Sullivan is considering Judicial Watch’s motion to compel answers to these questions.

In her responses sent to Judicial Watch and the court on October 13, 2016, Clinton refused to answer three questions and responded that she “does not recall” 20 times concerning her non-government email system. She preceded her responses by eight “general objections” and two “objections to definitions.” The words “object” or “objection” appear 84 times throughout the 23-page document submitted to the court and Judicial Watch.

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  1. She won’t remember anything.

    Heh – did an image-search for “Hillary Clinton Sergent Schultz” and found – of course – no less than five entries either putting Hillz in Schultz’s uniform or side-by-siding the two of them. Good. One less webwork for me to do.

    (Heh² – Image-search did turn up an old webwork of mine which merged Sergent with Debbie Wasserman Schultzs.)