Cuomo Pretends to Be Tim Russert

Cuomo tries to help Brenda Snipes redeem herself with a CNN interview. He didn’t expect her to make it worse!

CNN likely regrets giving a platform to the Florida elections official under fire for ballot recounts after her interview just seemed to make things worse.

Snipes has repeatedly dodged appeals to divulge the number of outstanding votes, despite Scott’s demands, an order by a judge last week and the state’s law. Her response to Cuomo’s questions about why she’s ignoring the law led Snipes on a rabbit trail in response.

“But you have rules that you’re supposed to abide by and transparency that is very important. You refused to give the Scott campaign the information they wanted. It had to go to court. The judge said you had to turn it over, you didn’t turn it over by the deadline that was given,” Cuomo said. “That is cast as a partisan spat, that you’re doing that because you’re a Democrat. How do you respond to that?”

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